Eternals Writer Hints Post-Credit Character May Have Caused the Infinity War

    When Eternals was released recently, one of the biggest talking points about the film was its post-credit scenes. One of them featured Harry Styles in his MCU debut. Styles plays the role of Eros aka Starfox. In Marvel Comics, the character is a superhero, an Eternal, and also brother to the Mad Titan Thanos. Starfox has the power to affect people’s emotions any way he chooses. In an interview with Screen Rant, one of the writers of Eternals, Matthew ‘Kaz’ Firpo, hinted that Starfox was a major reason behind Thanos becoming a villain.

    “I mean, we’re literally meeting Thanos’ actual brother at the end of the film, and I think there’s room for Eros – well, Harry [Styles] – to have a conversation about that. I think that Starfox is a lot responsible for why Thanos is the way he is, to have that… all jokes aside, to have this perfect brother who can make anyone fall in love with him? It does something to you. So I hope we get to see a little bit more of that in Eternals number 2.”

    In the comics, Thanos is an “Eternal” born on the planet Titan. Unfortunately, Thanos was born with the “Deviant” gene, which led to him being rejected by society. Eventually, this turned Thanos into the “Mad Titan,” who became intent on conquering the universe. Starfox recognized the evil that his brother was trying to spread, and assisted the other heroes in stopping Thanos’ rampage.


    In the MCU, most of Thanos’ backstory remains a mystery. According to the Mad Titan himself, he began his mission to kill off half of all life using the Infinity Gems after seeing how overpopulation destroyed his own planet Titan. But as many fans have pointed out, Thanos could just as easily have used the gems to double the universe’s resources instead of killing off half of all life.

    The fact that Thanos choose such a bloody solution to the world’s problems underlines his fundamentally cruel and merciless worldview. And now it seems, at least according to ‘Kaz’ Firpo, that being related to Starfox had something to do with Thanos developing such a twisted philosophy built on domination, because he had always been secretly jealous of his brother’s ability to make everyone love him while everyone shunned Thanos.


    It is interesting to note that if this theory regarding Thanos and Starfox ends up being embraced by the MCU, it will be a mirror of the relationship between Thanos’ two daughters Nebula and Gamora. It has been repeatedly made clear that Nebula hated Gamora because the latter was always favored by Thanos, and Nebula was always made to feel less-than and inadequate.

    It remains to be seen if the history between Thanos and Starfox will be explored in future MCU movies, and whether we will be learning more about the family that birthed a hero like Starfox, who came to symbolize love for humanity in the comics, as well as the scourge of the Universe and the source of untold misery, the Mad Titan himself. Directed by Chlo&é Zhao, Eternals is now in movie theaters. This news comes to us from Screen Rant.


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