She-Hulk Might Come to Disney+ Sooner Than Expected After Ms. Marvel Delay

    During Disney’s latest earnings call it was revealed that the company’s Quarter 4 Financial Year 2022 will be the first to include content from all three of their big guns: Marvel, Walt Disney Studios and Lucas Film all in the same quarter. What this means is that between July and September 2022, there will be at least one entry of each of these areas of the House of Mouse featured in their release schedule. It was subsequently announced that the Marvel Studios portion of this will be the Ms. Marvel series on Disney+, meaning that it looks like another series will be filling the gap between this and Hawkeye, which will have wrapped up before Christmas.


    Although Ms. Marvel was originally expected sometime in early 2022, this could have been the original plan and could have been changed due to the shake-up in the Marvel movie schedule which saw films including The Marvels have their release dates pushed back by up to six months. While it could be possible that Ms. Marvel will still be the next series to come to Disney+ from Marvel, it seems impossible to believe that after putting out five series in 2021, they will have a gap of six months before the next offering. So the real question is what will be coming this spring to fill the void.

    The front runner for many is She-Hulk for a number of reasons. The series wrapped its production back in August, with the closest other completed shoot being Moon Knight, but that was a couple of months later. While She-Hulk is known to feature Tim Roth’s Abomination, Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk and the title character all requiring a hefty amount of post-production CGI work, if that work has already been going on for over two months, then completion around February or March next year could be a very real possibility. When Loki aired on Disney+ earlier this year, the finale was still being worked on when the series premiered, so we already know that Disney is happy to sail close to the wind. Another reason for She-Hulk being the most obvious candidate is that the episodes are only half an hour long, so again based on the idea of which would be simplest to complete in time.


    One other slightly more out there sign that She-Hulk could be imminent is the inclusion of Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner in the mid-credit scene of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. According to the writers and director of the film, that credit scene had a number of potential character combinations included in it before Banner and Captain Marvel were settled on. Was Banner’s inclusion based on the fact that She-Hulk is going to be the next series arriving? If we look back to Black Widow‘s post-credit scene, which linked into the Hawkeye series, there is would be roughly the same time gap between tease and premiere as there would be if She-Hulk airs sometime in March.


    It is unlikely that we will find out anything about the release schedule until after Hawkeye comes to a close in December, by which time Marvel fans will be too wrapped up in Spider-Man: No Way Home to be worrying about what may or may not be coming to Disney+, but as we know by now, there will already be a plan in Kevin Feige’s mind about how all of this pans out. This information comes to us from

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