‘The Wheel of Time’ Star Rosamund Pike Teases Moiraine’s ‘Electric’ One Power

    After years of attempted adaptations, the epic bestselling novel series, The Wheel of Time, from Robert Jordan — which has drawn comparisons to George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones — finally gets rolling. Rosamund Pike stars as Moiraine, an enchanted badass and member of an organization called the Aes Sedai, a group of women with the gift of channeling an incredible magical source known as the One Power.

    After rescuing villagers from monsters attacking their community, Moiraine sets out on a risky journey with the young adults, one of whom could be the key to saving humanity. Here, the Gone Girl Oscar nominee (and series producer) gives us some of her Time.

    The Wheel of Time Rosamund Pike

    (Credit: Amazon Studios)

    What drew you to this?

    Rosamund Pike: Everything. It was a massive world that was only going to get more intriguing. And the One Power Moiraine can wield is just electric. It’s almost like a drug — a very, very potent and addictive drug that you have to be trained to use, or it will consume you.

    The journey Moiraine is on involves someone known as the Dragon Reborn. What more can you say?

    The Dragon was born again 20 years ago to the day that our show opens. So we’ve been searching for this [person], who’s destined to [fight] with [the evil cosmic force] the Dark One at what’s called the Last Battle, which will occur at some point. Nobody knows when. The Dragon has to be present, and my mission is to present the Dragon to the Dark One.

    I like that she’s so protective of the kids.

    Good, [because] I don’t think Moiraine has a maternal bone in her. [Laughs] But she is fair!

    The Wheel of Time, Series Premiere, Friday, November 19, Amazon Prime Video

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