Rob Zombie Reveals Richard Brake as Mad Scientist Dr. Wolfgang in The Munsters Movie

    The newest photo from The Munsters Movie has confirmed another cast member while revealing his role. Providing another update from the reboot’s production, writer-director Rob Zombie posted online an image of Richard Brake in character as Dr. Henry Augustus Wolfgang, described as “Transylvania’s most popular Mad Scientist.” Zombie also teases, “I wonder what he has in store for our new world of Gods and Munsters?”

    This is an interesting reveal, as Richard Brake has been rumored from the start to be involved with the cast. The details of his role were never reported on, so it was unclear if he’d be a part of the new Munster family, or a new character altogether. We now know it’s the latter, and looking at the first look photo, it appears he will fit right in with this new take on The Munsters.


    Other names that were rumored when this news first broke that Rob Zombie was rebooting The Munsters have also been confirmed. Zombie previously unveiled a first look image showing Jeff Daniel Phillips as Herman, Sheri Moon Zombie as Lily, and Dan Roebuck as Grandpa Munster. In a recent interview with Horror Geek Life, Roebuck described Grandpa Munster as the role he’d been preparing his whole life to play.

    “After it sank in, I had the epiphany that I’d been preparing for this role my whole life. I’m in this movie because it’s God’s will, it’s where he wants me to be,” Roebuck said. “I created a character when I was twelve years old and I named him The Count. Rob told me the character in the script was named The Count. It’s a funny vampire named The Count and when I was twelve, I was a funny vampire named The Count.”


    Of what fans can expect from this new take, Roebuck added, “Since I’ve been preparing my whole life for this, I think I’ll do a pretty good job. Let me put it like this, Jeff, Sheri and I are not playing Fred Gwynne, Yvonne De Carlo, or Al Lewis. We are playing Herman, Lily, and The Count, which is an easier way for us to approach it.”

    A handful of other names are also rumored to be involved but have yet to be verified by Rob Zombie. Jorge Garcia (Lost), Sylvester McCoy (Doctor Who), and Cassandra “Elvira” Peterson have also come up as names that are reportedly attached to the cast, but Zombie has yet to confirm or deny these rumors. With another character reveal having been made, we can presume that more will be coming in the near future, perhaps to let us know more about the other rumored cast members.


    It still remains to be seen who may be playing the other members of the Munster family as well, with just three Munsters revealed so far. As of now, an official release date hasn’t been set for the project, but with production underway, it’ll likely arrive sometime in 2022. The plan is for it to reportedly be released in theaters while streaming on Peacock. Classic episodes of the show can also be watched on the streaming service.

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