‘Bob’s Burgers’ Gives Back in Fox’s Annual Thanksgiving Episode (VIDEO)

    Pass the cranberry sauce… Bob’s Burgers‘ annual Thanksgiving-themed episode is here!

    The Fox animated sitcom, which follows the restaurant-owning Belcher family, always does a hilarious yearly tribute to Turkey Day, usually with memorable musical numbers, that we are always grateful for. Patty-flipping patriarch Bob (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin) is obsessed, after all, with preparing the perfect meal for the winter holiday (his oven-side chats with his yearly turkey are always a treat). That’s especially evident in the above clip from this year’s installment, “Stuck in the Kitchen With You,” airing Sunday, November 28.

    “Man, Thanksgiving is the best holiday,” notes Bob, as he drives the family towards the Elegant Doily Retirement Home to volunteer. “There in the kitchen — the excitement, the adrenaline.”

    Troublemaking daughter Louise (Kristen Schaal) quips, “Oh yeah, you’re all fun in the kitchen on Thanksgiving,” before the show flashes back to a montage of Bob relatably losing his cool while prepping the big meal.

    But Bob won’t be cooking Thanksgiving in their residence above the burger restaurant this year. Somehow, he’ll be roped into volunteering to make dinner for the elderly residents of the retirement home — and Louise gets stuck as his sous chef! While the kitchen heats up, other Belcher siblings, teen Tina (Dan Mintz) and little brother Gene (Eugene Mirman) help classmate Zeke (Bobby Tisdale) keep the impatient Doily-ans entertained when the TV breaks.

    Guest voice cast for the episode includes Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s Stephanie Beatriz as Dierdre, who is in charge of the volunteers (therefore, must deal with the Belchers’ crazy antics).

    Check out the exclusive clip above for more Thanksgiving cheer.

    Bob’s Burgers, Sundays, 9/8c, Fox

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