See How the ‘Blue Bloods’ Cast Has Changed Since Their First Seasons (PHOTOS)

    Now that Blue Bloods is in its 12th season, why not take a look back at the beginning?

    For the most part, the main cast has remained unaltered. Tom Selleck (Frank), Donnie Wahlberg (Danny), Bridget Moynahan (Erin), Will Estes (Jamie), and Len Cariou (Henry) were all in the series premiere, and Sami Gayle (Nicky) first appeared a few episodes later. But they have lost a couple key members from the beginning, including Amy Carlson (Linda) and Jennifer Esposito (Jackie), and gained a couple, including Marisa Ramirez (Baez) late in Season 3 and Vanessa Ray (Eddie) in Season 4.

    And it’s the majority of that cast that attends Sunday dinner. Wahlberg will always remember the first one. “It was sort of traumatizing for me to sit there and have to come in on my first day of shooting the series and just basically take over the dinner table,” he told TV Insider.

    “But I knew if I didn’t do it successfully, the show wouldn’t have a chance to thrive. We had to be able to speak our own voices and stand up for our characters’ points of views on the show or it wouldn’t work,” he continued. “[After, Selleck] gave me the biggest smile and pat on the back after and said that’s what’s going to make this show magic.”

    Scroll down to see the cast in their first seasons and the latest.

    Blue Bloods, Season 12, Fridays, 10/9c, CBS

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