7 Hilarious ‘Pen15’ Moments That Will Also Make You Cringe

    As Y2K nostalgia runs rampant in today’s culture, we often neglect to remember the cringe parts of that time. However, Pen15 deglamorizes the early 2000s through painful-to-watch scenarios of middle school that make Millennials remember all of their pre-teen traumas.

    Creators and executive producers Anna Konkle and Maya Erskine play themselves as 13-year-old social outcasts surrounded by child actors. Hulu’s rated-R cringe comedy follows Anna and Maya’s friendship as they experience the brutal world that is middle school—and these two comedic geniuses know how to make you laugh while recoiling from the screen.

    And what better way to celebrate Pen15 returning with seven new episodes Friday, December 3 than by highlighting seven of its cringiest moments? Scroll down to see which ones made the cut.

    Pen15, Season 2 Part 2 Premiere, Friday, December 3, Hulu

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