‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Sneak Peek: Mike & Bunny’s Exchange of Favors (VIDEO)

    Friends — which is what Mayor of Kingstown Mike McLusky (Jeremy Renner) and Crips head Bunny (Tobi Bamtefa) sort of are — do each other favors. But that doesn’t mean they have to be happy about it, as is evident in TV Insider’s exclusive sneak peek of the December 5 episode.

    Mike asks Bunny if he has anyone on death row in a cell near James Parker. “I don’t understand white people,” Bunny says. “You all won’t get in a gunfight to save your life, but you all will sure as f**k kill and eat 20 kids.”

    Jeremy Renner as Mike in Mayor of Kingstown


    The Crips leader needs a favor, too: drive his nephew to his hockey game tonight. Why can’t he take him? It’s downtown, Bunny explains. “If I drive six blocks from here, I’m gonna get shot. You know this, man. The king cannot leave the kingdom.” Watch the clip above to see what Mike says.

    As Renner has said, these two are as close to friends as it gets considering who they are, “even though at any given moment, they’d probably kill each other. They share their own self-awareness of the bleakness of their lives. There’s something beautiful thematically to share with audiences in that about how to understand one another, and the best way to do that is just shut up and f**king listen.”

    Bamtefa pointed out that “outside of Mike’s family, Bunny understands Mike more than anybody else. He understands the pressure that Mike is under.. … [Their] trust is very tenuous because of the environment they live in, which makes the relationship all the more special because anything could happen and either party would suddenly be distrustful of the other.”

    In this next episode, “Orion,” along with Bunny asking Mike for help with his family, Kyle (Taylor Handley) and Ian (Hugh Dillon) are questioned by internal affairs in the wake of the shootout.

    Mayor of Kingstown, Sundays, Paramount+

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