‘Guilty Party’ Finale: Beth Finds Herself in a Tense Situation in Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

    Paramount+‘s genre-bending series Guilty Party is quickly approaching its season finale and we have your exclusive first look at the episode.

    In a sneak peek clip, above, Kate Beckinsale‘s Beth Burgess finds herself in a tense situation with George (Laurie Davidson) who is watching her closely. The episode, arriving Thursday, December 9, sees Beth desperate to survive after her actions put her in harm’s way with gun runner George.

    Guilty Party Kate Beckinsale Paramount+

    (Credit: Paramount+)

    The series follows Beth in her efforts to salvage her journalism career (after being discredited) by pursuing a story about a young mother, Toni Plimpton (Jules Latimer), who was sentenced to life in prison for maiming and murdering her husband — a crime she maintains she didn’t commit.

    As the season has continued, Beth and Toni have come to the realization that the truth doesn’t always set you free, which we’ll see explored further in the finale written and directed by Rebecca Addelman. In the penultimate episode of the season, George revealed to Beth that he was responsible for killing Toni’s husband, and that revelation could make Beth collateral damage if he decides to cover things up.

    Beth dives deeper and deeper into the seedy world of gun-smuggling, and she’s only putting herself in a more precarious position. Watch the clip above to see her tense interaction with George and don’t miss the conclusion of the season as Guilty Party‘s finale begins streaming this week.

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