‘The Graham Norton Show’: Zendaya & Tom Holland Talk About Her ‘Spider-Man’ Set Hobby (VIDEO)

    It’s all about Marvel these days and while fans enjoy Hawkeye‘s run on Dinsey+, they’re also surely looking forward to the highly-anticipated release of Spider-Man: No Way Home.

    Ahead of the film’s U.S. premiere in theaters on Friday, December 17, stars Tom Holland and Zendaya are stopping by The Graham Norton Show this Friday, December 10, and we have an exclusive first look. In a sneak peek clip, the duo opens up about Zendaya’s on-set hobby alongside fellow guests Henry Cavill and Gugu Mbatha-Raw.

    The Graham Norton Show Zendaya

    (Credit: BBC America)

    “So, you knit, but you do more than knit?” Norton prompts the actress who begins to open up about her preferred pass time which made its way onto the Spider-Man: No Way Home set.

    “I tried to start a new hobby while we were shooting Spider-Man,” Zendaya confirms, wondering aloud if Brits are familiar with crafting yarn rugs. The method which was not dissimilar to a yarn version of paint by the numbers became a bit too tedious for the actress though.

    The Graham Norton Show Tom Holland

    (Credit: BBC America)

    Instead, she opted for something more comfortable by exclusively knitting scarfs and scarfs alone. “I loved it as a pass time,” shares Zendaya who was taught to knit by her mother. “I just made everyone scarfs.”

    Holland confirms this noting that on particularly big filming days when Zendaya wasn’t needed for scenes, she’d sit nearby knitting and keeping watch over the shoot. “We were doing the most intense fight scenes on set… and I’d be there, I’d have blood all over my face, I’d been fighting the Goblin, and I’d turn around and you’d just be there knitting,” the actor recalls of seeing Zendaya hard at work crafting behind the scenes.

    See what else Holland has to say about Zendaya’s pass time in the full clip, above, and see their banter throughout the latest episode of The Graham Norton Show.

    The Graham Norton Show, Fridays, 11/10c, BBC America

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