After Life

    After Life TV show on Netflix: canceled or renewed for another season?

    (Natalie Seery / Netflix)

    Network: Netflix.
    Episodes: 18 (half-hour).
    Seasons: Three.

    TV show dates: March 8, 2019 — January 14, 2022.
    Series status: Ending.

    Performers include: Ricky Gervais, Kerry Godliman, Tom Basden, Tony Way, David Bradley, Ashley Jensen, Penelope Wilton, David Earl, Joe Wilkinson, Mandeep Dhillon, Jo Hartley, Roisin Conaty, Tim Plester, and Diane Morgan.

    TV show description:
    From creator and star Ricky Gervais, the After Life TV show centers on the newly widowed Tony (Gervais). Once upon a time, Tony had a great life, but after the death of his wife, Lisa (Godliman), he decides to change up his approach to living.

    After he considers committing suicide, Tony instead decides to live long enough to teach the world a lesson. He intends to mete out this punishment by saying and doing whatever pleases him.

    Tony’s circle includes his dad (Bradley) and his nurse (Jensen); brother-in-law, Matt (Basden); and best friend Lenny (Way). Although Tony considers this new way of dealing as something akin to a superpower, his self-centered lifestyle leaves his near and dear both bewildered and concerned. Now they’re all out to bring back the Tony they know and love.

    Series Finale:
    Episode #18 — 
    This episode has not aired yet.
    First aired: January 14, 2022.

    What do you think? Do you like the After Life TV series? Should this Netflix TV show be ending with its third season?

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