Who Will Michelle Pick in ‘Bachelorette’ Finale? Will She Get Engaged? (POLL)

    Michelle Young’s Bachelorette journey is coming to an end. After last week’s Fantasy Suite dates saw the departure of her hometown connection, Joe, Michelle must choose between her final two men, Nayte and Brandon, in ABC‘s December 21-airing Season 18 finale.

    While Fantasy Suites helped give her some clarity, Michelle still has some lingering questions about which guy is “the one” for her. “When you’re in love with two people, how do you know which person is your person,” she states in a finale promo.

    Ahead of the Season 18 finale of The Bachelorette, we’re taking a look at all the reasons why Michelle will or will not pick one of her final two guys. Or will she end the season without a ring on her finger? Vote for your favorite in the poll down below!


    'The Bachelorette,' Season 18, Michelle Young Finale 2, Nayte

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    Michelle and Nayte have clicked since Day 1. While their physical chemistry was clear from the start, the two have built their emotional relationship throughout the season, with Nayte finally opening up and telling Michelle that he loves her during their Fantasy Suite date. “I came here to fall in love. And after this overnight, I may be in love with Nayte,” she said in a confessional. Though he has been her frontrunner all season, his fear of commitment has Michelle worried if he is ready for an engagement.

    During their Hometown date, Nayte’s dad told Michelle he doesn’t think he will “get to that point” by the finale. Even Michelle’s mom says she doesn’t think he is ready to get engaged in a promo for the finale. If their feelings for each other are truly that strong, could they overcome their worries and be happy together?


    'The Bachelorette,' Season 18 Finale, Michelle Young Final 2 Men, Brandon

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    Brandon fell hard and fast for Michelle, so much so that he asked for her parents’ blessing during their first and only one-on-one date in Episode 6. He has made it clear that Michelle is the one for him, telling her on their Fantasy Suite date that “since the day that I met you, I knew you were the one,” before confessing his love to her. Michelle certainly returns his affections, especially after seeing how well their families would fit together during Hometowns. At this point, the only thing standing in his way of putting a ring on her finger is Nayte. He was never afraid to let the other guys know his intentions of marrying Michelle, and even her parents have taken notice.

    In the finale promo, Michelle’s dad states, “My concern is that he would become a jealous person,” after being shown talking with Brandon. Could Brandon’s jealousy and emotions be the downfall of his relationship with Michelle?


    'The Bachelorette,' Season 18 Finale, ABC, Michelle Young

    ABC/Craig Sjodin

    While neither guy is particularly problematic, their relationship flaws with Michelle make us wonder if she will end the season engaged at all. In promos leading up to the finale, Michelle is shown crying on the beach, questioning if she is making the right decision, asking, “What am I doing?” Being the level-headed person she is, whatever decision Michelle makes will be the best one for her, and that may be leaving Mexico a single lady.

    On the other hand, she could still leave without a ring, but in a relationship with her final pick, choosing to take things slow and work up to an engagement. No matter the decision, she will do whatever makes her happy.

    The Bachelorette, Season 18 Finale, Tuesday, December 21, 8/7c, ABC

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