18 TV Ships That Sent Us Swooning in 2021

    Did at least one of our favorite TV ‘ships meet a tragic end in 2021? Yes, it did. But still, there was plenty to love about the love on our screens this past year.

    That’s why we’re focusing on the positive right now. After all, there are plenty of couples that are still going strong (like on 9-1-1, NCIS: Los Angeles, and The Flash). And there were quite a few weddings (like on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Wynonna Earp, and Chicago P.D.). Plus, some shows saw couples go from “will they/won’t they” to “yes, finally, they have” (like New Amsterdam and The Resident).

    So let’s celebrate those relationships. Scroll down to see the ships we adored this year on TV. (Note: To be eligible, new episodes had to air in 2021 and the couple had to be together, so, sorry, Evil fans, but that finale kiss doesn’t make the cut, and Outlander‘s fifth season ended in 2020.)

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