10 Hallmark Christmas 2021 Movies That Should Get Sequels

    When we tune in to Hallmark Christmas movies — whether part of the “Countdown to Christmas” or “Miracles of Christmas” event — we know what to expect: a heartwarming story, with a misunderstanding along the way for the central couple, and the two getting together in the final moments. Everything is wrapped up in a bow. But what if that wasn’t it?

    After all, the 2021 offerings feature a couple sequels to previous movies — The Nine Kittens of Christmas (to 2014’s The Nine Lives of Christmas) and The Christmas House 2: Deck Those Halls (to 2020’s The Christmas House). And since we love seeing our favorite characters again (it’s why we’re such big TV fans), we can’t help but wonder which of this year’s movies would make for great sequels going forward.

    In one case, the concept would work with an almost entirely new cast (like Next Stop, Christmas), while in others, we’re hoping to see the happily ever after (like the aforementioned Nine Kittens of Christmas). And we enjoyed the Sister Swap companions so much, we know exactly how we’d like to see those characters again, though in a slightly different way.

    Read on as we propose sequels for eight of 2021’s Hallmark Christmas movies.

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