Which Are the Largest Current Shared Universes in Primetime TV?

    If you’re a TV fan, there is plenty to watch right now. And if you’re a fan of crossovers — even minor ones with a character or for an episode — you’re also in luck. Primetime television has been filled with shared universes, especially in recent years.

    If you’re into procedurals (like the NCISes or Dick Wolf‘s extended universe), zombies (The Walking Dead universe), or superheroes (the Arrowverse), you’re covered. In fact, crossovers aren’t necessarily beholden to a network: Chicago P.D.‘s (NBC) Tracy Spiridakos went over to FBI (CBS).

    So scroll down as we examine the shared universes currently part of primetime television. (Notes: We’re not including any shows in development, which rules out Walking Dead spinoffs that have just been announced.)

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