‘Our Kind of People’ Finale Will Set up an ‘Explosive’ Season 2 — Watch Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

    Our Kind of People is ending its first season with an “explosive” finale that will leave you wanting more, showrunner and executive producer Karin Gist promises.

    In “Kiss It up to God,” with the Illumination Ball nearing, Angela (Yaya DaCosta) and Leah (Nadine Ellis) team up to find out the truth about what happened between Teddy (Joe Morton) and Eve in 1984. Plus, Angela must choose between Tyrique (Lance Gross) and Nate (McKinley Freeman). And chances are, you’ll get the confrontation you’ll be waiting for, no matter which characters you want to see face off. Take, for instance, TV Insider’s exclusive sneak peek above featuring Teddy and Raymond (Morris Chestnut).

    Yaya DaCosta as Angela in Our Kind of People

    Dana Hawley/FOX

    Gist teases what else to expect in the finale as we await news if there will be a second season of the drama.

    What’s one question you can tease will be answered in the finale and how will that affect those involved?

    Karin Gist: So many questions we’ve had throughout the season will be answered in the finale. I’d say the biggest tease I can give, without spoiling too much, is that we will finally find out what happened the night of the 1984 Grand Illumination Ball, and what roles were played in the arrest of Mama Eve. The revealing of the family’s biggest secrets will have a ripple effect on the entire family. I’m not sure Oak Bluff will ever be the same.

    Angela and Leah have had their ups and downs, with the most recent “down” being Leah not voting for Angela during Bid Week. What’s coming up for the sisters in the finale after that? How’s their relationship?

    You know, they’ve had a very tumultuous relationship this season as they figured each other out. The growing pains in figuring out who they are and who they want to be to each other will certainly come to a culmination. Even after what Leah did to Angela during Bid Week, Angela still shows up for Leah at Rose’s funeral. That gesture really brings to light that no matter what drama goes on, they are sisters who love each other and need each other. Leah takes some big steps in the finale to prove that to Angela, regardless of the drama that may cause.

    The season has been building to what are sure to be some intense confrontations in the finale, including Teddy and Raymond over breakfast (as seen above). Which confrontation that you can tease will be the most explosive and why?

    I could’ve called this entire episode “The Night of Explosive Confrontations!” Almost every single character has a “come for your throat” moment. Some of them are obviously a long time coming, I’ll say the one that may be most surprisingly explosive happens between certain teenagers.

    What can you say about how the finale ends to set up a potential second season?

    This finale wraps up the first season by tying up what we’ve been waiting to learn for the last twelve episodes, but in the final half of the episode, every single character gets set up for what is sure to be an EXPLOSIVE second season. If you thought the drama was big in Season 1, the drama set up for a possible Season 2 will leave you breathless.

    Our Kind of People, Season 1 Finale, Tuesday, January 25, 9/8c, Fox

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