Corey Cott Takes a Seat at the Hallmark Table With ‘Butlers in Love’ (VIDEO)

    If this butler did it, we’d be fine with that!

    Now that the countdown to Christmas is over (for now), the Hallmark Channel has returned to its regularly scheduled programming of rom-com original movies featuring beautiful people meeting cute, clashing, and then getting all cuddly. Perfect for a cold winter’s watching, right?

    Even better is the weekend’s offering, Butlers in Love, comes complete with etiquette lessons! Set at the American branch of the International Butler Academy (a real thing), Filthy Rich‘s Corey Cott stars as Henry, the slightly smug scion of royal butlers who butts heads with fellow classmate Emma (Stacey Farber) as they study all things Jeeves under the tutelage of Grease 2‘s Maxwell Caulfield. So it’s cute and educational…ya might even want to take notes about silverware placement before your next soiree.

    It’s also Cott’s Hallmark debut. The Broadway vet (and brother of Riverdale‘s Casey Cott) recently chatted with us to discuss the film and what he discovered about the actual art of butlering.

    “I got offered this part and started diving into this world…it is a real thing,” he says of his research. “We don’t come across it as much…it’s not as prevalent a profession, from my understanding, in America as it is elsewhere in the world. Particularly in places with nobility and royals.”

    And trust us, the ones in this flick are way cuter than those snotty dudes on The Gilded Age.

    Butlers in Love, Movie Premiere, Saturday, January 29, 8/7c, Hallmark Channel

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