‘The Woman in the House’ & More Spy Stories for Every Mood on Netflix

    Looking for a spy story with a twist? Check these out on Netflix.

    I Want Historical Intrigue…

    Munich: The Edge of War

    In a tense film based on Richard Harris’ 2017 page-turner, by-the-book Brit Hugh Legat (George MacKay) accompanies his boss, Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain (Jeremy Irons), to the 1938 Munich conference for peace talks with Hitler. But Hugh’s old Oxford pal, German diplomat Paul von Hartmann (Jannis Niewöhner), has evidence that his leader’s motive is control of Europe, and he secretly feeds the intel to Hugh. “It’s a story,” says Niewöhner, “about finding the right way to fight for the right cause.” Available now

    I Want Sci-Fi Action…

    In From the Cold

    Ex–Russian spy turned single New Jersey mom Jenny Franklin (Margarita Levieva, above, with Mat Cruz) is forced out of retirement to stop an assassination. Over eight episodes, Jenny brutally fights and, thanks to a KGB experiment when she was a young intelligence officer, even shape-shifts! But one constant remains: protecting her teen daughter (Lydia Fleming) at all costs. The series, says exec producer Adam Glass, “reminds us of the incredible power buried within all of us, even if we’ve forgotten it.” Available now

    I Want to Laugh…

    The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window

    “I had to balance on the thinnest line between sincerity and jokes,” says Kristen Bell, who stars in this limited-series send-up of mysteries like The Girl on the Train. Though not a secret agent of any kind, heartbroken, pill-popping Anna (Bell) spies on anyone who passes by her suburban home. Then she witnesses a murder. But no body is found, and no one believes her. Anna’s investigation leads to a shocking revelation, Bell says: “I’ve never seen anything like the twist at the end.” Available now

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