‘And Just Like That’: Do You Want to See a Season 2? (POLL)

    [Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the And Just Like That… Season 1 finale “Seeing the Light.”]

    And just like that, the (first?) season of the Sex and the City revival is over. With its ups and downs, did it leave you wanting to see more of these characters (both returning and new), or are you ready to leave them in the past once again?

    First: a quick recap of where the finale leaves everyone. With it approaching a year since Mr. Big (Chris Noth) died, Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) finds herself wondering if he’s trying to reach out via a lamp in her home after she kisses another man. What she ends up doing is bringing his ashes to Paris (and their bridge), rather than leaving them in her closet or having them added to his family’s crypt. Carrie even has her own podcast going (following Sara Ramirez’s Che Diaz ending theirs when they left to shoot a pilot in Los Angeles). In fact, Carrie also may have the potential for new love in her life, too, thanks to that podcast, with producer Franklyn (Ivan Hernandez): The episode ends with them kissing in the elevator. (Sorry, New York State Teacher of the Year 2018.)

    Charlotte (Kristin Davis) tries going all in on Rock’s (Alexa Swinton) they mitzvah, only for her child to declare, “I don’t want to be labeled as anything — not as a girl or boy, non-binary, a Jew, Christian, Muslim, or even a New Yorker.” So it becomes a bat mitzvah for Charlotte instead.

    Upon learning of Che’s move, Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) decides to take them up on their invitation to go with them. She’s going to finish the semester’s course work remotely, she tells her professor, Nya (Karen Pittman), and as for her internship, she’ll have to pull out. “Why can’t I choose love over an internship?” she asks Carrie later when her friend wonders what she’ll be doing in L.A. “Am I not allowed to change a little bit or a lot, or change back again if I feel like it? Do I have to follow my own rigid rules until the day I die?” Last we see her, Miranda’s heading to the airport, with red hair once again.

    As for the new characters we met this season, Seema’s (Sarita Choudhury) new romance is going very well (as Carrie hears when she calls after her date). Nya’s husband Andre (LeRoy McClain) is heading out on a tour “for the next bunch of months” and it might not be just the tour. “We’re just not in the same place emotionally right now, so we decided to see how not being in the same place physically would feel,” she explains to Miranda.

    And of course there’s the Samantha of it all. With Kim Cattrall not returning to the franchise, everything about her has been off-screen. But it seems Carrie and Samantha are getting back on track, with the former texting the latter about kissing another man and then the two meeting up for drinks while Carrie was in Paris.

    So after those 10 episodes, do you want to see a second season? Do you want to see if Carrie starts a relationship with Franklyn? If Miranda and Che can make it work? What’s next for Charlotte? More from Seema, Nya, Lisa (Nicole Ari Parker), and the other new characters? Let us know in the poll below.

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