Claws TV show on TNT: canceled or renewed?

    (Tony Kelly)

    Network: TNT.
    Episodes: 40 (hour).
    Seasons: Four.

    TV show dates: May 25, 2017 — February 6, 2022.
    Series status: Ended.

    Performers include: Niecy Nash, Carrie Preston, Harold Perrineau, Jenn Lyon, Judy Reyes, Karrueche Tran, Jason Antoon, Kevin Rankin, Jack Kesy, and Dean Norris.

    TV show description:
    A dark dramedy, the Claws TV show follows the diverse and dangerous staff of the Nail Artisan of Manatee County salon, which launders money for the Dixie Mafia. The story centers on Desna Simms, who owns the salon.

    A diva and figure-conscious gangster, Desna lives with her brother, Dean (Perrineau), and is fiercely protective of him. He’s a sensitive artist on the autism spectrum. Together they dream of one day living in a “castle” by the sea.

    Desna’s best friend is Jennifer (Lyon), a mother of two, who has a wild past but has settled down, some. She has a wicked sense of humor and isn’t afraid to use it. She’s now married to a broke “abundance” coach and motivational speaker, Bryce (Rankin). Both Jennifer and Bryce are in recovery, but their grasp on sobriety is tenuous at best.

    Preppy, soft-spoken, and seemingly sweet, Polly (Preston) was recently released from prison, where she served time for identity theft. But don’t be deceived by her Southern Belle demeanor. Polly is nothing if not manipulative.

    Quiet Ann (Reyes) is Desna’s driver and bodyguard. Despite her penchant for silence, she has a way with women.

    Troubled, trashy, and young, Virginia (Tran) desperately wants to fit in, but she covers it up with a blasé attitude and bravado.

    Uncle Daddy (Norris) is as deeply Catholic as he is actively bisexual. A study in contradictions, he owns a string of go-go clubs along the Gulf Coast and also operates a shady pain clinic, Sun Coast Rejuvenation. After his brother was shot and killed, he raised his nephews, Bryce and Roller (Kesy).

    While Dr. Ken Brickman (Antoon) is actually a physician, he plies his trade at Uncle Daddy’s illegitimate operation. He counts on Desna when things spiral out of control.

    A blustering, redneck gangster, Roller runs the pain clinic and uses Desna’s salon to launder their money. She’s counting on the big payoff he promised, so she can go legitimate in a brand new salon, but Uncle Daddy never okayed the deal. Roller’s taste for excess paves his path to destruction and creates a sudden and uneasy bond between Desna and Virginia.

    Series Finale:
    Episode #40 — Mercy
    Desna, the gangster queen of Palmetto, has her final showdown with nemesis Quiet Ann; Desne must jump through hoops as she and her crew prepare to escape from Palmetto.
    First aired: February 6, 2022.

    What do you think? Do you like the Claws TV show? Do you think it should have ended or been renewed for a fifth season?

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