‘Life After Death With Tyler Henry’: ‘Hollywood Medium’ Star Lands Netflix Series

    “Hollywood’s go-to medium” is taking his clairvoyant talents on a cross-country journey to help others in the new Netflix series Life After Death with Tyler Henry, which premieres March 11. The former Hollywood Medium star will continue to help people find closure while diving into his own family backstory throughout the nine-episode series.

    “Tyler Henry is a world-renowned medium with more than 300,000 people on his waiting list. After years of being Hollywood’s go-to medium, Tyler heads out across the country to offer readings to as many of the people on his waiting list as he can, bringing them the hope, healing and closure they are seeking. This transformational and emotional series will bring answers to the people he reads, providing proof that there is more to this world than what we see and that our loved ones never really leave us,” states the show’s description.

    “Over the course of the season, we experience the power of Tyler’s readings, get insight to what it means to live with such a gift, and follow along on Tyler’s personal journey unraveling a family mystery to discover where he really comes from.”

    The star shared his excitement about his latest adventure, saying, “I am so excited and grateful for this show. It has given me the opportunity to bring answers and healing to so many people around the country. It allowed me to truly change people’s lives.

    “I also had no idea I would be exploring a family mystery of my own. I am so proud of the profound stories, true testimonials of resilience, and shocking validations that made this such a rewarding experience,” he continued.

    Produced for Netflix by 44 Blue Productions and Corbett/Stern Productions, Stephanie Noonan Drachkovitch will executive produce with Larissa Matsson, David Hale, Michael Corbett, and Larry Stern.

    Life After Death with Tyler Henry, Series Premiere, Friday, March 11, Netflix

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