‘The Bachelor’ Episode 6: One Villain Falls as Another Arises (RECAP)

    It’s all led to this: Shanae vs. Genevieve. The two enemies go head-to-head in tonight’s intense 2-on-1 date, and only one will come out with a rose. Will Clayton finally see through Shanae’s manipulative ways, or will Genevieve become another name on Shanae’s victim list?

    The drama doesn’t end there, as the group heads across the ocean to Hvar, Croatia, for another jam-packed week of dates. A new rivalry emerges while a shocking secret from one of the women changes everything.

    Let’s dive into Week 6, starting with the events of the 2-on-1!

    Who Survives the 2-on-1?

    After last week left fans on a cliffhanger, we pick up right where we left off on the much-anticipated 2-on-1 date, with Genevieve starting things off with a toast before Clayton pulls her aside to talk. She makes the smart move of keeping Shanae out of their conversation, practically pouring her heart out to the Bachelor about how her journey leading up to this has been a difficult ride. She apologizes for seeming distant, as she finds it hard to be vulnerable, but is willing to prove she is all in. She is truly there for the right reasons, and at least for now, Clayton believes her sentiment… that is until it’s Shanae’s turn to talk.

    Shanae had a plan going in, and she pulled it off without a hitch. Pulling out the waterworks, she accuses Genevieve of giving off “actress vibes,” telling Clayton she talked about wanting to go home the night before. No better way to make yourself look good if the other doesn’t want to be there. Clayton is properly confused, later confronting Genevieve about supposedly being an actress. She is just as dumbfounded as he is, asking him in return where that speculation came from.

    With the gears in his head spinning, he steps away for a second, during which Shanae tells her prey that she told him she had thought Genevieve wanted to go home. Despite her extreme anger, Genevieve keeps it civil, choosing not to engage with the drama being dealt her way, defending that her connection with Clayton is true. If anyone hasn’t started a “Genevieve for Bachelorette 2022″ campaign, they should.

    Upon his return, he tells the two that the date’s rose is going to someone who helped him see the truth. And the winner is… Genevieve! “I’m so sorry, but I cannot find it in my heart to give you this rose,” he tells Shanae. Back at the hotel, the rest of the group rejoices over seeing the villain’s suitcase getting dragged away. As Hunter says, “Ding dong, the shrimp is dead!”

    At long last, the reign of “Sha-nay-nay” has come to an end, but not before she screams “F*** you Clayton” into the falls.

    Connections Get Deeper as the Group Narrows Down

    Needless to say, the departure of Shanae eases the tension of the rose ceremony. It’s a bit odd how calm all of the women are going into the cocktail party with eliminations looming near.

    With only a handful of girls left, things are getting serious, which is something Clayton is beginning to take seriously. Sarah and Rachel continue to cement their places at the head of the pack, with Clayton practically telling the latter that he loves her without saying the exact words.

    Mara was looking forward to getting much-needed time with him after being sidelined over the past few weeks. She was excited to give him a taste of who she is with some homemade poutine, but her time is quickly cut short by Serene. It is sad to see her walk away, rightfully angry that she only got a matter of minutes to build her connection when others have gotten far more. She is there to find love, but maybe that love isn’t with Clayton. “What’s the point of even trying to catch up,” she asks in her confessional.

    Not long after, host Jesse Palmer announces the cocktail party has come to an end, and eliminations begin. Much to Mara’s relief, she makes it through another week with the last rose of the night, meaning Marlena and Hunter are sent home. Even though she didn’t get a rose, Marlena smiles at Mara’s success like the true friend she is. Perhaps a Bachelorette campaign for Marlena, as well?

    Teddi Opens Up on Her First 1-on-1

    The group takes their first trip across the Atlantic to the gorgeous Hvar, Croatia. Clayton wastes no time, surprising the group with the announcement of a 1-on-1. Mara desperately hopes she will get her time in the sun, but it’s Teddi who gets the coveted opportunity. The weather appropriately fits the mood, turning dark and rainy as Mara walks away with more disappointment. The poor girl can’t catch a break.

    Teddi and Clayton make the most out of the rainy day by checking the sights of the city, taking in the Croatian culture on a casual, low-key date. Teddi confesses to the camera that she has something important to tell Clayton later on, hoping that it won’t affect what they’ve built so far. Duh, duh, duh…. Their day was going so well, but a bigger storm could be brewing.

    Teddi’s big news is that she’s a virgin. She tells Clayton that her mother had a kid at a young age and felt pressure not to fall into a similar situation, choosing to wait until she is truly in love. Clayton takes it better than expected, understanding her decision but questions how she will know when she is in love. She admits to putting up walls in the past but has felt safe with him since the beginning.

    Clayton seems a bit caught off guard, especially given their strong physical chemistry, but respects her ability to be open and honest with him. However, the conversation becomes serious as Teddi wants to go 100 percent all-in if she is the one he ultimately chooses. Is he up for the responsibility? Guess we’ll have to wait and see how their journey plays out.

    Mara Continues to Fight for Clayton’s Heart

    In what is supposed to be paradise, Mara’s international journey hits another bump in the road as Sarah is selected for her second 1-on-1 with Clayton. As bad as we feel for Mara, we feel just as bad for Sarah, as she feels guilty for taking an opportunity away from others who haven’t gotten alone time. The friendship in the house this season is real. If they don’t leave with a ring on their finger, at least they’ll leave with friends for life.

    Mara decides to make the most of the group date, as the girls suit up to compete in a series of knightly challenges to win Clayton’s heart. Who knew Croatia’s history included groups of badass female warriors? Tested on their physical strength and treated to a “feast” of some unpleasant-looking delicacies, Mara pours her heart out during her knight’s creed, but it wasn’t enough to capture the Bachelor’s affections. Serene is crowned queen of the warriors, but Mara makes it clear that she’s “still a queen.”

    Everyone is in good spirits at that night’s afterparty, and with Hometowns quickly approaching, several girls make it clear where their feelings lie. Rachel is the first to tell Clayton she’s falling for him, giving him more than enough validation to keep her safe another week.

    Mara is firm in her belief that the others aren’t “wife material,” and goes into her talk with Clayton confessing to feeling discouraged. She has everything he says he’s looking for, which makes her feel confused and angry. As if he has a second sense, he brings up the fact of Sarah being the youngest in the house but assures her he is doing what he thinks is best. We don’t want Mara to fill the villain void left by Shanae, but we can’t say she isn’t teetering that line.

    To no surprise (except Mara’s), Rachel earns the group date rose. We’d hate to feel the way she does, but sometimes a connection can’t be forced, no matter how badly you try.

    Susie’s Clocktower Surprise

    Later that night, a note slips under Clayton’s door that reads, “Meet me at the clocktower.” Is Shanae back for one last chance to change Clayton’s mind? Thankfully, no. Instead, he is relieved to find Susie at the card’s destination, as she wanted the chance to get some more time with him following the afterparty. Does everyone else love Susie as much as we do?

    They climb the beautiful tower together, and Susie has quite the surprise for him at the top. She wanted to bring him there to share where she’s at and how she’s feeling, and that feeling is love (ahh!). He is ecstatic at her confession and could see himself falling in love with her, as well. The night comes to a fairytale end as they share a kiss and enjoy the gorgeous view.

    Sarah & Mara’s Rivalry Begins

    Mara’s words got in Clayton’s head, as he begins to question whether the women in the house are looking for the same things he is, especially Sarah. He wants to be sure that whoever he’s with in the end is ready, and he’s not sure who that is anymore. Jesse helps ease his mind ahead of his date with Sarah, telling his fellow Bachelor that he felt the same at this point of the journey.

    Clayton wastes no time getting serious with Sarah, making sure that she is there in the hopes of being engaged. She becomes emotional and says she hasn’t lied to him all season, confessing that their connection has been something she’s never felt with anyone before. She wouldn’t be there if she didn’t see something with him, and Clayton apologizes for making her upset. He in turn confesses his fears of losing what he’s looking for and decides to step away for a second.

    What is it with the girls pouring their hearts and souls out to Clayton and not being understood? If Sarah knows what she wants, then why shouldn’t Clayton believe her? “Why would you do that to me,” she questions in her confessional. She is right in suspecting that the attack on her is coming from someone else’s insecurities. We hate to see it happen, but Mara has gone full villain.

    The two reconcile as Clayton apologizes for potentially putting a target on her back with the second 1-on-1. We’re glad to see him apologize, but it comes as a bit of a jerk move after making her break down like that. Luckily for him, she forgives him and ends the night with a rose.

    Sarah returns to the others ready to stand up for herself. “Karma is a bitch,” she warns. However, the promo for next week’s episode hints that maybe Sarah has something else up her sleeve. Who is really an actress and who is there to fall in love? Bachelor Nation will have to wait to find out!

    The Bachelor, Mondays, 8/7c, ABC

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