‘Three Months’: Troye Sivan & Judy Greer Face-Off in First Look (VIDEO)

    Things are tense between Troye Sivan and Judy Greer in an exclusive sneak peek clip from Paramount+‘s upcoming MTV Entertainment Studios movie, Three Months.

    Set to release Wednesday, February 23 on the streamer, we have your first look at the coming-of-age comedy-drama that tells the story of Caleb (Sivan), a South Florida teen who loves his camera, weed, and grandma. Things change for Caleb on the eve of his high school graduation though when he’s exposed to HIV.

    As he waits three months for the potentially life-changing results, Caleb finds love in an unlikely place. Considering the antagonistic role Caleb plays towards Greer’s Suzanne and vice versa, we’re willing to be that unlikely love isn’t between them.

    Three Months Key Art Troye Sivan

    (Credit: Paramount+/MTV Entertainment Studios)

    Working at a local market, Caleb appears to be indifferent towards his boss Suzanne when she calls him into her office. “You rang?” he asks before he’s told to sit. “Look, I’m having such a sh**ty week…” Suzanne begins before launching into a conversation where she details several reasons why she’s unhappy.

    “Caleb has been leaving work early and has been a generally bad employee,” writer, director, and executive producer Jared Frieder explains, “but his boss Suzanne has been bad too. In this scene, their indiscretions and secrets come to a head as they comedically spar back and forth.”

    It’s clear this duo isn’t always on the same page as Frieder further reveals, “Caleb and Suzanne have an antagonistic relationship. He’s upset he has to keep her secret and she thinks he’s a brat who doesn’t take her seriously.”

    As for how this interaction and relationship will influence Caleb’s path, Frieder teases, “the fallout Caleb has with his boss Suzanne forces him to grow up and finally be there for his best friend when she needs him most.” Catch the full scene, above, and don’t miss the movie when it arrives on Paramount+ this month.

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