Babylon 5: Reboot of the Sci-Fi Series on Hold at The CW

    Babylon 5 TV show: (canceled or renewed?)

    Babylon 5 may still be coming to The CW. It was announced in September 2021 that a reboot of the sci-fi series was in development for a potential Fall 2022 release.

    With The CW now being up for sale sold by Warner Media, a delay is in the cards – but the series is still in development. It will be a complete reboot of the series and not a sequel. The original Babylon 5 aired for five seasons and 110 episodes.

    Per The Mary Sue, the series could land on the network in Fall 2023 instead. Regarding the development of the Babylon 5 reboot, creator and writer J. Michael Straczynski said:

    “Here’s the bottom line. Yesterday, Babylon 5 was in active development at the CW and Warner Bros. for fall 2022. Today, Babylon 5 is in active development at the CW and Warner Bros. for fall 2023. That is the only difference.”

    A plot teaser for the possible reboot was also released:

    “John Sheridan, an Earthforce officer with a mysterious background, is assigned to Babylon 5, a five-mile-long space station in neutral space, a port of call for travelers, smugglers, corporate explorers and alien diplomats at a time of uneasy peace and the constant threat of war.”

    What do you think? Do you want to see a reboot of Babylon 5 on The CW?

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