‘Bodies’: Netflix Greenlights Adaptation Of Si Spencer’s Graphic Novel

    Si Spencer’s murder-mystery graphic novel Bodies is set to be adapted into a TV series by Netflix and The Pursuit of Love producer Moonage Pictures.

    As first reported by Deadline, the UK crime thriller has been greenlit as Netflix ramps up its international output. Created by Torchwood writer Paul Tomalin, the eight-part drama will be produced by Mooage’s Will Gould and Frith Tiplady and directed by Marco Kreutzpaintner (Beat) and Haolu Wang (Doctor Who).

    The centuries-spanning series centers on four detectives in four different London eras, all investigating the same murder. It begins with overachiever Edmond Hillinghead looking into a murder in Whitechapel in the 1890s. Meanwhile, in the 1940s, dashing adventurer Karl Whiteman lands the case, while in the 2010s, kickass female detective sergeant Shahara Hasan continues the investigation. Lastly, in a post-apocalyptic 2050, amnesiac Maplewood adds a haunting perspective.

    First published in 2014, the eight-issue graphic novel was written by Spencer and drawn by a team of four artists (each illustrating a different time period). The different eras were represented in different genres of the murder mystery, from the classic Victorian detective saga, the World War 2 era detective noir, present-day urban police drama, and dystopian science-fiction.

    Spencer passed away on 16 February 2021 at the age of 59. He was a prolific comic book writer and TV dramatist. His work featured in British comics such as Crisis and American publishers such as DC Comics under their Vertigo imprint. Spencer’s TV work included staff writing roles on BBC soap EastEnders and ITV’s long-running police procedural The Bill.

    Bodies pick-up comes as Netflix refocuses on British originals. Deadline recently reported that the streamer has commissioned a British female-led action-adventure series, Palomino. This comes on the back of commissions for superhero drama Supacell and the David Nicholls’ adaptation One Day.

    There is no word as of yet on casting or filming dates.

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