Kieran Culkin Gives Best Worst Acceptance Speech at Critics’ Choice Awards (VIDEO)

    It was a successful night for Succession at the Critics’ Choice Awards on Sunday as the HBO drama took home three awards, including a Best Supporting Actor nod for Kieran Culkin.

    Less successful, however, was Culkin’s acceptance speech, which quickly went off the rails as the actor admitted he hadn’t prepared anything. “I was really looking forward to that relief of not having to say anything,” he said after revealing that he told his co-star Jeremy Strong that he hoped his name wouldn’t be called. “I have not prepared anything, so anything can come out.”

    Culkin wasn’t lying, as he went on to drop some secret information about two of his Succession co-stars, Sarah Snook, who won Best Supporting Actress, and Matthew Macfadyen.

    “Fun fact. Snook’s last name is actually pronounced Snoook, but I just can’t do that. Right?” he laughed. “Another fun fact. Matthew Macfadyen’s name is David. I’m just droppin’ bombs here. It’s true. Look it up. I’m just talkin’ now. I’m just saying things… and stuff.”

    While some in the audience looked baffled by Culkin’s off-the-cuff rambling, many others were in hysterics. And viewers watching at home loved the speech, with many taking to social media to share their praise.

    “Kieran Culkin with the best speech of the night and he didn’t even try,” tweeted one viewer. Another fan added, “Kieran Culkin panicking and rambling jokes on stage because he doesn’t like compliments is the most relatable thing I have ever seen.”

    Culkin has starred as Roman Roy in the HBO television series since it premiered in 2018. While he has been recognized for his performance before, receiving a Primetime Emmy Award nomination and three Golden Globe Awards nominations, this Critics’ Choice Award marks his first win for the role.

    The Jesse Armstrong-created black comedy drama also picked up the award for Best Drama.

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