‘It’ Prequel Series In Works At HBO Max

    The origin of Pennywise the Clown is set to be detailed in a new television prequel series to It, currently in development at HBO Max.

    As reported by Variety, the series, titled Welcome to Derry, is set in the 1960s and follows the events leading up to It: Chapter One, Andy Muschietti’s 2017 film based on the famous Stephen King novel. Muschietti is on board as an executive producer alongside Barbara Muschietti and Jason Fuchs.

    According to Variety, Muschiettis and Fuchs developed the story, with Fuchs writing the script. Muschiettis will also direct the first episode should the project be picked up. Warner Bros. Television is set to produce.

    The 2017 It film was a critical and commercial success, setting several box office records and grossing over $701 million worldwide. Its success led to a sequel, It: Chapter Two, which was released on September 6, 2019. While the second film received more mixed reviews, it was still a hit at the box office, grossing over $473 million worldwide.

    King first published the horror novel in 1986. The story follows seven children as they are terrorized by an evil being that exploits the fears of its victims to disguise itself while hunting its prey—primarily appearing in the form of Pennywise the Clown to attract young children. The book was adapted into a two-part mini-series for ABC in 1990, starring Tim Curry in the role of Pennywise.

    There is currently no word on casting for the new series, and HBO and Warner Bros. have yet to comment.

    It marks the latest project on HBO Max’s slate based on a popular Warner Bros. film franchise. The streamer is currently developing a series based on Colin Farrell‘s The Penguin from the recent Batman movie and a project about the Bene Gesserit organization from Dune.

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