‘Outer Range’: You’re Gonna Want to Saddle Up for This Trippy Western (VIDEO)

    TV’s next great Western is also TV’s next great “WTF is going on?!”

    Seriously, if you think Yellowstone is juicy, hold on to your ten-gallon hats! Because in the trippy Outer Range (just watch the trailer below!), Josh Brolin is captivating—and confounded—as Royal Abbott, a stoic Wyoming cattle rancher struggling to save his land from a greedy neighbor (Will Patton). Land, Royal soon discovers, that has developed a gaping, otherworldly hole seemingly out of nowhere.

    Josh Brolin as Royal Abbott in Outer Ranger

    Richard Foreman/Prime Video

    “I grew up out West so I have been writing about it for a very long tome,” says executive producer and writer Brian Watkins. “And I have always wanted to tell this story about real people grappling with the unknown and the West being filled with equal parts wonder and majesty and fear.”

    After a bar fight leaves the Abbott sons (the terrific pairing of Ozark‘s Tom Pelphrey and Lewis Pullman of Catch-22) with blood on their hands, Royal uses the hole to dispose of a body, setting off a murder investigation almost as wild as what might lie beyond the ominous void.

    “There are [clues] all over these eight episodes that give an answer to that very thing,” hints Watkins, who has surrounded his A+ ensemble (which also includes Lili Taylor, Noah Reid, Shaun Sipos and Tamara Podemski and Imogen Poots as an enigmatic drifter) with Twin Peaks–ish surrealism and twists to keep viewers guessing. “There’s a sort of trickle-out effect to the mysteries.” And that is no bull.

    Outer Range, Series Premiere, Friday, April 15, Prime Video

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