5 Characters Who Might Not Survive ‘The Walking Dead’ 11B Finale

    It’s midseason finale (or rather, two-thirds season finale) time, and you know what that means — the grim reaper is likely hovering over the brave survivors on AMC’s The Walking Dead. Sure, it’s entirely possible that no one dies in the upcoming episode, titled “Acts of God.” But with an episode title like that, are we really thinking no one meets their maker?

    With that in mind, here are five characters we’re concerned about as we head into the last hour of 11B.

    lynn collins as leah, the walking dead season 11 episode 9

    Josh Stringer/AMC


    Leah (Lynn Collins) made an enemy of Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohan), and enemies of Maggie tend not to live long. While she’s still kind of tied to former love interest Daryl (Norman Reedus) given that he stopped Maggie from killing her, we doubt he’d step in to save her now if it came down to it. And if the mysterious job Hornsby (Josh Hamilton) has offered her is killing Maggie, well… it was nice knowing you, Leah.

    Ross Marquand as Aaron, The Walking Dead

    Josh Stringer/AMC


    Aaron (Ross Marquand) has been getting a lot of screentime lately, which certainly isn’t a bad thing! That said, the increased focus on him has made plenty of Walking Dead fans nervous. Generally, characters who aren’t long for the undead world start getting extra attention in the episodes leading up to their demise. He’s also got a bit of the “moral compass curse” going on, meaning that he’s generally optimistic and kind, and very few optimistic and kind characters have survived over the seasons. (Cooper Andrews’ Jerry being an exception.) Here’s hoping he sticks around and gets to live a long, happy life with his daughter.

    Seth Gilliam as Father Gabriel Stokes

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    The title of the episode, “Acts of God,” raised a few eyebrows among fans who wondered if it might be a hint at the next big character to go. Gabriel (Seth Gilliam), like Aaron, has started playing a key role; he was an integral part of the mission to Riverbend, and we even got to see him leading a sermon. He’s also been growing increasingly ruthless. Is this cause for concern? Maybe, maybe not. But if that episode title is implying something, we’re officially concerned.

    TWD Season 10 episode 10, lauren ridloff as connie

    Josh Stringer/AMC


    This intrepid reporter’s been digging up Commonwealth dirt, and in the Commonwealth, digging too deep can get you killed. That said, there hasn’t been a ton of focus on Connie’s (Lauren Ridloff) investigative storyline thus far, so killing her off would seem a bit random. Plus, given the seasons-long mystery about her whereabouts, it’s unlikely — but not impossible! — that TWD would eliminate her so quickly.

    the walking dead season 11 episode 12, josh hamilton as lance hornsby

    Josh Stringer/AMC


    By the same logic that Leah might not make it, Hornsby also might not survive to see the end of 11B. We hope he does — he’s been an intriguing antagonist for the show. But he, like Leah, has made an enemy of Maggie, and that might cost him his life. If he “snaps,” like a certain character did in the comics, someone might have to take him out.

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