Celebrate Earth Day 2022 With These 3 Nat Geo Premieres

    While BBC America sticks with the classics — marathons of 2007’s Planet Earth (6am/5c) and 2018’s Planet Earth: Blue Planet II (5/4c) — National Geographic and Nat Geo Wild celebrate with three premieres. Here’s a primer:

    Wild Coasts

    For those who enjoy the hunt: A four-minute sequence of a leopard seal taunting a gentoo penguin in Antarctica (it escapes!) is as jaw-dropping as a jaguar ambushing a caiman in Brazil.

    Wild Coasts Premiere, Friday, April 22, 6/5c, Nat Geo Wild

    Secrets of the Whales

    This four-part stunner from James Cameron, which debuted on Disney+ last year, airs now as a marathon. Learn how different pods of orcas hunt and some male humpbacks create a new song each year and spread it around the globe. Plus, why families of chatty belugas stage an annual reunion and how clans of sperm whales (right) bicker in their own unique language!

    Secrets of the Whales Premiere, Friday, April 22, 7/6c, National Geographic and Nat Geo Wild

    Gorongosa: Paradise Reborn

    The story of species being reintroduced to Mozambique’s war-ravaged park is chilling (elephant survivors remember) but overwhelmingly inspiring.

    Gorongosa: Paradise Reborn Premiere, Friday, April 22, 11/10c, National Geographic

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