‘Conversations With Friends’: Frances & Bobbi Meet Nick in First Look (VIDEO)

    Conversations with Friends is the latest television adaptation of Sally Rooney‘s literary works for Hulu and following the success of 2020’s Normal People, the new series is sure to deliver plenty of drama.

    Ahead of the Sunday, May 15 premiere of Conversations with Friends, Hulu is giving viewers a first look at a pivotal moment in the series with a special sneak peek clip. The show follows 21-year-old college student Frances (Alison Oliver) who navigates a series of relationships and confronts her own vulnerabilities for the first time.

    Her ex-girlfriend and best friend Bobbi (Sasha Lane) is outspoken and compelling and when they meet older writer, Melissa (Jemima Kirke), during one of their spoken word poetry performances in Dublin, they strike up a friendship. In the clip, above, viewers are getting a first look at Frances and Bobbi’s first time meeting Melissa’s actor husband Nick (Joe Alwyn).

    After going for a swim in the Irish Sea, the women return to Melissa’s home where she informs them that Nick will return soon. As Melissa and Bobbi go off in different directions to warm up and get clean following their ocean swim, Frances stands alone in the kitchen just as Nick arrives with groceries and a dog in tow.

    “Hi, how’s it going?” he says upon spotting Frances in the kitchen. After she introduces herself, he says, “yes, one of the poets.” The clip further teases some of their small talk leading up to Bobbi’s reentry into the kitchen where she makes Nick’s acquaintance as well.

    What’s crucial about this scene is that eventually, Nick and Frances’ meeting will eventually lead to what is described as an “intense secret affair.” See sparks fly in the segment above, and don’t miss Conversations with Friends when it arrives on Hulu this May.

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