‘Life Below Zero: First Alaskans’ Sets a Premiere at Nat Geo — Get a First Look (VIDEO)

    National Geographic‘s fan-favorite franchise Life Below Zero is expanding once again, this time with the all-new series Life Below Zero: First Alaskans.

    Set to premiere Monday, May 30 with back-to-back episodes, Life Below Zero: First Alaskans will air weekly on Tuesdays following the premiere, beginning Tuesday, May 31. In an exclusive first look at the action, we’re offering a glimpse of the individuals at the center of this series as Life Below Zero: First Alaskans enters a world that Indigenous Alaskans have inhabited for thousands of years, but is also rapidly changing every day.

    Life Below Zero: First Alaskans

    (Credit: National Geographic)

    As teased in the trailer, above, Life Below Zero: First Alaskans follow new Alaska Natives as they use different techniques and methods passed down from generation to generation in order to thrive in the brutal environments. Indigenous Alaskans walk in two worlds: one of tradition and another of 21st-century challenges.

    At the center of this show are Jody Potts-Joseph (featured in the key art, above) and her family who live off the land on the Yukon River, Marvin Agnot whose days are dictated by tides, the Apassingok family who survive on what the Berin Sea provides, Joel Jacko and his self-reliant family, and Steven Strassburg who teaches his seven kids ancient survival methods.

    Life Below Zero: First Alaskans, Joel Jacko, Steven Strassburg, Marvin Agnot, and Daniel Apassingok

    Joel Jacko, Steven Strassburg, Marvin Agnot, and Daniel Apassingok (Credit: National Geographic/Aukai Ligairi; National Geographic/Patrick Henderson; National Geographic; National Geographic/Ashton Hurlburt/Gil Cano)

    “To witness the strength, resilience, and ingenuity of the Alaska Natives as they fight to preserve their threatened ways of life, doubling down on generational knowledge to ensure its survival for the next thousand years, is truly humbling,” said executive producer Joe Litzinger in a statement. “We are so honored to have been invited to capture some of our Alaska Natives’ daily lives and traditions and celebrate, honor, and collaborate with the Indigenous peoples of Alaska.”

    The show is the first nonfiction series with a cast of Alaska Natives serving as the central focus and it marks the expansion of the Life Below Zero franchise which began in 2013 with the original series. Along with the trailer, above, check out an additional teaser, below, for another first look at the exciting new series. And don’t forget to tune into Life Below Zero: First Alaskans, this May on National Geographic

    Life Below Zero: First Alaskans, Series Premiere, Monday, May 30, 8/7c, National Geographic (Will air Tuesdays at 8/7c on National Geographic beginning May 31)

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