‘The Offer’: Juno Temple & Patrick Gallo on Shooting That ‘Incredible’ Marlon Brando Scene (VIDEO)

    Who knew one of the greatest motion pictures of all time almost didn’t get made? Al Ruddy, producer of The Godfather, for one, and it’s his memories of getting the iconic 1972 classic filmed that serve as a major source for The Offer, Paramount+’s 10-episode drama premiering its first three episodes on Thursday.

    Ruddy, played by Miles Teller in the ambitious series, is a powerful force working with Paramount film exec Robert Evans (Matthew Goode) as they come up against obstacle after obstacle in getting the film green lit and then produced. But Ruddy wouldn’t get nearly as far without his valuable assistant Betty McCarrtt (Ted Lasso‘s Juno Temple) who navigates the business and also establishes herself as an industry woman ahead of her time. “She was brave and ballsy and she had this kind of toughness about her,” Temple tells TV Insider. She also shared her thoughts on being in the scene when the creative team behind The Godfather met with screen legend Marlon Brando (Grey’s Anatomy alum Justin Chambers) about his potentially starring as Don Vito Corleone.

    Temple’s co-star Patrick Gallo, who shines as writer Mario Puzo, also shared his feelings about the same scene. “We’re all kinda looking at each other and [Brando] is saying all this strange stuff and we’re just giving these looks of just ‘stay focused, we’re where we want to be, this is incredible…’” the actor says. Gallo adds that when Chambers turns to profile, he said it felt like they were actually in a scene with the real Marlon Brando. Gallo also talked about how writing a bio of his character helped him understand Puzo, and the bestselling author’s connection with Ruddy.

    Watch the interviews with Temple and Gallo above.

    The Offer, Thursdays, 10/9c, Paramount+

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