7 ‘Walking Dead’ Characters Who Could Join Daryl in Europe

    Many The Walking Dead fans took a crossbow arrow to the heart when the news broke that Melissa McBride — a.k.a., one of Dead‘s original badasses, Carol Peletier — would no longer be part of the show that had been announced as a Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Carol spinoff. In that same press release, AMC dropped another shocker: That spinoff, which had been announced as a “road show” for the beloved duo that would take them across the country, would now be set and filmed in Europe. Wow.

    But is Daryl going to go overseas alone? Surely, someone from his old group might go with him? Here, we’re speculating as to who — if anyone — might wind up with Daryl for the ride.

    The Walking Dead, Season 11C, October 2022, AMC

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