Henry Winkler Calls ‘Barry’ Season 3 His ‘Most Intense Work’ Ever (VIDEO)

    [Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Barry Season 3, Episode 2 “limonada.”]

    For an actor who has been on our televisions since the early 1970s, Henry Winkler is being challenged more than ever in the third season of HBO‘s dark comedy Barry. That includes a big scream his terrified character, Gene Cousineau, lets out in the May 1st episode when he realizes Barry (Bill Hader) is about to catch him. But Winkler says that wasn’t the hardest part of filming the episode. “The scream was not the thing, it was the running. How many takes did I have to run up that alley and limp down that street!” he says.

    During the chat, the Emmy winner also talks about the fact that the character of Gene Cousineau has greatly changed since the show’s first season in 2018 for very good reason. Winkler says he even went to the executive producers Hader and Alec Berg with his concerns during season two but by the time the current third season rolled around, he knew to just trust. “The third season, I asked no questions. I got my ticket, I got on the train, I took my seat and we did the eight episodes and it was, I’m telling you, the most intense work of my entire career since June 30, 1970.”

    Winkler was also asked what he would say to his younger self before his iconic role of Arthur “The Fonz” Fonzarelli in ABC’s hit sitcom Happy Days when he was just getting started in the business and booking guest spots on shows like The Mary Tyler Moore Show. “You didn’t have to worry so much. You just have to do the work and show up and if you are honest about your talent, the rest will take care of itself,” he says. Well said, Henry!

    Watch the interview with Winkler above.

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