‘Girls5eva’ Cast Promise to Chart New Course, If Not Hits in Season 2 (VIDEO)

    They’re gonna be famous 5eva (because 4eva is too short), but the ladies of Peacock’s Girls5eva are already a 10 in our book. And in Season 2, the reunited girl group is even gr8er!

    “Of the two seasons, this one is my new favorite,” jokes Busy Philipps, who returns as breathy, ditzy Summer, alongside Paula Pell‘s queer-fabulous Gloria, Sara Bareilles‘ insightful songwriter Dawn, and Renée Elise Goldsberry‘s note-bending belter Wickie. As Bareilles puts it, “We had endless amounts [of fun] because we know [the characters], but there was so much discovery in the second season.”

    In the first three episodes dropping May 5, we find that the quartet is now determined to get back into the studio to re-invent themselves, having been a manufactured product thrown together by a skeezy producer back in the ’90s. And while they struggle to come up with new music, the show itself has no problem finding new comedy for them all. “We are just not treading the same territory again,” offers Bareilles. “It’s so much fun to play with.”

    And speaking of fun, for fans of the first season, the patently hilarious new songs from showrunner Meredith Scardino and exec-producer/composer Jeff Richmond are not playing around. There’s an epic, absurd ode to the word “set,” a tribute to their lost bandmate (Ashley Park) and what is rumored to be a possible companion piece to the perfectly ridiculous “New York Lonely Boy.”

    So get your shizz in order, Emmy voters, and show this gem some damn respect this year, OK?

    Girls5eva, Season 2 Premiere, Thursday, May 5, Peacock

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