‘Maggie’: Hulu Sets Premiere for Rom-Com After Move From ABC

    It’s been about a year since Maggie was first ordered to the pilot stage by ABC, but we’re finally going to get to see the romantic comedy — and we’ll be able to binge it!

    Hulu has announced that all of its episodes will drop on Wednesday, July 6, on the streaming service. (In January, it was announced that the romantic comedy would be moving over to Hulu, due to the limited number of time slots on ABC.)

    The series explores how dating, which is hard enough, gets even more difficult when you happen to be a psychic, as Maggie (Rebecca Rittenhouse) is. Her gift allows her to see into the future of her friends, parents, clients, and random people on the street. However, after meeting an unexpected stranger, she begins to see glimpses of her own destiny. Then, her romantic life suddenly gets a lot more complicated. “Can you let yourself fall in love when you think you know how it ends?” the series asks. “She probably should have seen this coming…”

    In addition to Rittenhouse, Maggie‘s series regulars include David Del Rio, Nichole Sakura, Leonardo Nam, Angelique Cabral, Ray Ford, Chloe Bridges, Kerri Kenney, and Chris Elliott.

    Maggie is produced by 20th Television, a part of Disney Television Studios. It is written by Justin Adler and Maggie Mull. Adler and Mull also executive produce with Evan Hayes and Jeff Morton.

    Maggie, Series Premiere, Wednesday, July 6, Hulu

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