6 Best Songs From the ‘Conversations With Friends’ Soundtrack

    The Conversations with Friends soundtrack is basically its own character. The show smartly used different tracks to highlight what was going on in the painfully introverted Frances’ (Alison Oliver) inner world.

    The series — all episodes are streaming now on Hulu — follows Frances and her ex-lover turned best friend Bobbi (Sasha Lane) as they befriend an older married couple Nick (Joe Alwyn) and Melissa (Jemima Kirke). Frances and Nick soon begin an affair that progresses into figuring out ethical non-monogamy. Based on the Sally Rooney (Normal People) novel of the same name, Conversations with Friends infuses more modern music references into its soundtrack than its predecessor.

    Additionally, Oliver, Alwyn, Kirke, and music supervisor Juliet Martin curated Spotify playlists for the characters from the Hulu limited series (linked on the character names, above), showing how important the music is to the plot. After all, songs can speak louder than words sometimes, and we all know how much Frances and Nick struggle with expressing themselves.

    Featuring an original Phoebe Bridgers song, girl in red, Willow, Mitski, and more, there’s lots to love on this soundtrack. Here are the songs we loved most from the Conversations with Friends soundtrack, in episode order.

    “Wavey” by Cliq ft. Alika (Episode 2)

    [embedded content]

    This bop plays when viewers first see Frances and Bobbi letting loose on the dance floor. It’s one of the few moments of carefree, feral energy Frances lets herself have, and we love seeing her fun, energetic side. Plus, the scene looks a lot like the “Wavey” music video — an added bonus.

    “All My Days” by Alexi Murdoch (Episode 2)

    [embedded content]

    We haven’t heard this song in a hot minute, so color us delightfully surprised when it played at the end of Conversations with Friends Episode 2 and through the credits.

    “Meet Me At Our Spot” by Willow, The Anxiety, and Tyler Cole (Episode 4)

    [embedded content]

    Frances and Nick certainly ~caught a vibe~ while vacationing in Croatia in Episode 4. The placement of this viral TikTok song at the end of Episode 4 was an adorable exclamation point to cap off Frances and Nick’s tryst in her room. The butterflies? They were fluttering. The vibes? Immaculate — that is, until you remember they’re having an affair while Melissa is somewhere very close by… not a vibe.

    “Just a Girl” by Wyvern Lingo Feat. Loah (Episode 10)

    [embedded content]

    This cover of the No Doubt classic hails from one of the Conversations with Friends cast members! Sallay Garnett plays Evelyn in the series, but she’s also a singer/songwriter who goes by the name of Loah. Her collaboration with the band Wyvern Lingo strips down the rock song into a piano ballad. It plays in the final moments of Episode 10, right after Frances and Bobbi kiss, and runs through the credits.

    “Killer + the Sound” by Phoebe Bridgers and Noah and Abby Gundersen (Episode 11)

    The final moments of Conversations with Friends Episode 11 is a doozy of a one-two punch. After Bobbi ends her friendship with Frances over her emotional irresponsibility, Frances ends things with Nick, who can only muster a tear-filled “I love you” in response.

    “I know,” Frances replies through tears, unable to share, understand, or express her true feelings yet again. “Killer + the Sound” comes in immediately after with Bridgers’ first line, “Sometimes I think I’m a killer.” Oof.

    “Sidelines” by Phoebe Bridgers (Episode 12)

    [embedded content]

    “Killer + the Sound” explores the dark corners of Bridgers’ mind as she struggles with a romantic relationship — a perfect fit for Frances in Episode 11, which shows her life crumbling because of her inability to be real about her feelings. But Bridgers’ song made for Conversations with Friends is the perfect follow-up, showing a more evolved heroine.

    As the credits roll at the end of the series finale, Bridgers sings, “Watch the world from the sidelines / Had nothing to prove / ‘Til you came into my life / Gave me something to lose / Now I know what it feels like / To wanna go outside / Like the shape of my outline.”

    The song expresses Frances’ changed inner world, highlighting how she’s living more freely and unafraid to experience the deep breadth of her emotions. She’s no longer thinking one thing and saying another, is more equipped to handle life’s difficult moments, and most importantly, she knows that to live is to feel. Sometimes that’s scary, sometimes it’s thrilling. But some good conversations with friends always help.

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