15 TV Stars Who Appeared on ‘Greek,’ Now 15 Years Old

    Greek, the ABC Family dramedy about frat and sorority life at an Ohio college had a great run, and we caught up with it last year, upon the 10th anniversary of the show’s finale. But July 9 marks the 15th anniversary of Greek’s debut, so let’s look farther down the call sheet and see which TV stars had guest appearances on the series during its four seasons.

    Set on the fictional campus of Cyprus-Rhodes University, Greek followed the brothers and sisters of Kappa Tau Gamma, Zeta Beta Zeta, and Omega Chi Delta, and all the rivalries and romances between the houses. With many a familiar face having matriculated on the show before graduating to other projects, here’s a yearbook’s worth of TV stars who appeared on Greek before or even after they became famous.

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