‘Tuca & Bertie’: 9 Most Entertaining Moments So Far

    The most chaotic bird besties in adult animation is returning Sunday, July 10. Tuca & Bertie and the anthropomorphic fowls it’s named after offer a bird’s-eye view (literally) of modern womanhood served up with the perfect balance of oddity and charm.

    The show, which started on Netflix and moved to Adult Swim after its first season, tackles heavy topics like trauma, addiction and mental health delicately without sacrificing humor. From Tiffany Haddish and Ali Wong as the leading birds (a toucan and song thrush, to be exact) to Steven Yeun as Speckle, Bertie’s hilarious and supportive boyfriend, the series also boasts an absolutely stacked cast.

    We’ve missed these chicks, so before the new season drops, we decided to take a look back at some of Tuca & Bertie’s most entertaining moments to date.

    Tuca & Bertie, Season 3 Premiere, Sunday, July 10, Midnight/11c, Adult Swim

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