9 Biggest TV Moments of the ’90s (VIDEO)

    When we think of the ’90s and TV, we think of our favorite shows, sure, but we also think about all the moments that had us glued to our screens that extended beyond those. After all, DVRs didn’t exist and we had to rely on our VCRs to record anything we wouldn’t be home for — and only one thing at once!

    In the video above, we take a look back at the nine biggest TV moments of the 1990s, on TV shows, in the world of news, and in sports. and in 1997, the world mourned the loss of Princess Diana.

    In the world of scripted TV, there was The Bob Newhart Show‘s final in 1990, with that now infamous “you won’t believe the dream I just had” line and the big reveal of who was in bed with Newhart. Ellen DeGeneres came out on Ellen in 1997’s “The Puppy Episode,” as she wondered, “Why can’t I just say the truth? Be who I am? I’m 35 years old. I’m so afraid to tell people.” In late night, there was Johnny Carson’s retirement from The Tonight Show.

    In sports, Mark McGwire hit a home run record in 1998, while Team USA took home gold in an impressive way two years earlier. Check out the video above to watch and relive those moments and more.

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