‘Don’t Make Me Go’ Explores the Important Father-Daughter Relationship

    Single father Max (John Cho) hits the road with his teenage daughter, Wally (Mia Isaac, above, with Cho), in this touching dramedy from director Hannah Marks (Awkward, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency).

    But don’t expect too many laughs: The emphasis is on the drama, since Max just found out his headaches are caused by a tumor, and his chances of surviving surgery are about 20 percent.

    “Even though it’s very sad, it’s empowering,” Marks promises. Also, while Max has lessons to impart (like teaching Wally to drive), it’s a two-lane road trip.

    Marks notes, “It’s not just a father teaching his daughter about life, but a daughter teaching her father about life. It’s such an important relationship in so many people’s lives, but you don’t see it explored that often.”

    Don’t Make Me Go also stars Kaya Scodelario, Jemaine Clement, Josh Thomson, Otis Dhanji, Stefania LaVie Owen, and more. It’s executive produced by Vera Herbert (This Is Us) and Eddie Rubin (The Farewell), with producers Donald De Line (Billy The Kid), Leah Holzer (A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood), Peter Saraf (Little Miss Sunshine), and Mark Turtlebaub (Loving).

    Don’t Make Me Go, Original Movie, Premieres Friday, July 15, Prime Video

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