’90 Day Fiancé’: Another Week, Another Pregnancy Shock (RECAP)

    [Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for 90 Day Fiancé Season 9 Episode 13.]

    The 13th episode of 90 Day Fiancé season 9 isn’t so lucky for our couples — most of whom still have no idea if they’re really going to get married! And if you remember the premise of this addictive franchise, if the couples do not tie the knot within 90 days, the international partner in the relationship must return to their home country. Who’s catching feelings, and who’s catching flights? Keep reading to catch up on the latest happenings.

    Emily and Kobe

    Kobe is still smarting from the revelation that Emily bought herself a diamond engagement ring in case he didn’t plan to upgrade the ring he bought her on the street in China, and he’s laying in bed in a funk when Emily pulls him up and tells him to get in the car.

    Turns out, Emily thinks she may be pregnant, and they need to go take several pregnancy tests at the drugstore so her parents won’t find out. Her father’s one rule for allowing Emily, Kobe and their son to stay under his roof is that Emily doesn’t get pregnant again.

    Unlike Ariela, who took a pregnancy test in Episode 12 and got a negative result, Emily’s two pregnancy tests both have a positive result. Kobe just spent more than a quarter of his savings on a new engagement ring for Emily and can’t yet work in the United States, so he wonders how he’ll be able to handle a second child. He also doesn’t know how he can face Emily’s father after breaking that rule. Emily is disappointed that Kobe isn’t outwardly more excited that she’s expecting, even as she insists that more of the pressure is on her.

    Kara and Guillermo

    When we catch up with Kara and Guillermo, it’s shocking to learn that they plan to get married in just two days! Kara explains in an interview that she felt it was important to get married sooner than they intended after Guillermo’s brother passed away.

    But Guillermo is still feeling left out of the preparations as Kara takes the reigns to everything as usual. Kara doesn’t even trust him to write his own vows, because she thinks that his grammar may be bad. Kara’s continued control makes him question whether they should get married at all. He gets a haircut and expresses his nervousness to Kizzy the stylist, who’s instantly concerned about Kara’s ways.

    Later, at what’s supposed to be a romantic date, Guillermo asks Kara if she’ll still be mean to him and treat him like a little kid and an idiot after they’re married. She says it’s not the time to be questioning the whole relationship, and that, “If you’re not confident in marrying me, then don’t.”

    Kara ends the date abruptly, saying, “You need to think, so let’s go!”

    Jibri and Miona

    Miona sits down with Jibri’s mother Mahala and tells her that she and Jibri would like to elope and get married in the next 23 days and then have a big wedding in a year so all the families can come. She later tells Jibri that she thinks the talk went well, but when Mahala talks to Jibri’s father, Brian, he says he doesn’t know anyone who supports this “train wreck” of a marriage happening at all.

    Patrick and Thais

    Patrick goes suit shopping with his brother, but he is still really hesitant about everything. Later, the couple, who has 28 days to go, are arguing in the kitchen once again. Patrick wonders how he’s supposed to trust that Thais wants to get married if she still won’t tell her father about it, and Thais is fuming that Patrick didn’t consult her before signing the contract for her hair and makeup team on wedding day.

    Patrick says he’s not used to having to take care of everything for someone else and that he doesn’t want to do it forever. He promises to include her more if she tells her father; she says in a confessional that she doesn’t want Patrick to know that her dad doesn’t like him.

    Bilal and Shaeeda

    With 46 days to wed, Bilal tries to regain his self-proclaimed title of “Mr. Romantic” by taking Shaeeda to the park for a picnic. But Shaeeda tells Bilal that she felt bullied when his ex-wife Shahidah came to the house to ask her about the prenup, which takes him aback. Soon, they’re talking about the prenup again; she says in a later confessional that he’s ruined the romance.

    Flash forward to 35 days left on the marriage ticker, and Bilal has printed out the prenup so she can take a better look at it than she could on his phone when they were riding on the Ferris Wheel. How romantic!

    Shaeeda says in an interview that she feels like she has to pay the price for everyone who has hurt Bilal in the past, and she thinks she might have to go home.

    Yve and Mohamed

    Mohamed has to return to Egypt if he and Yve don’t get married within the next 45 days, and it is not looking good all around. Since their wedding venue fell through, they go to see a new potential space. Mohamed says it’s very beautiful, but she needs to take into consideration that his whole life is on hold until they get married and he can apply for his work permit. He’s pushing for them to marry quickly in a mosque, but she doesn’t feel comfortable doing that as a non-Muslim woman. She also wants a non-denominational officiant.

    The next day, Mohamed texts Yve, who’s in the bedroom, from the kitchen: “So I think if you are so busy to do your paperwork for me maybe we can find another sponsor because this time is from my life!!”

    Continuing the conversation in the bedroom, he says, “When you care about me, I will care about you, Yve.”

    Yve maintains that she wants her wedding to be special, but he tells her that if he can’t work, he’ll go back to Egypt and tells her to get him a ticket. She says that they’re done done if he goes home and he says, “I don’t care. That’s your decision.” His coldness shocks her, and she’s in tears as he leaves the room. Oh no!

    Next Time

    We’ll catch up with Ariela and Biniyam, who weren’t in Episode 13 at all. Ari tries on wedding dresses, but later expresses doubts about getting married at all. Kobe tells his friend Temperature that Emily is pregnant again, a secret he isn’t supposed to reveal to anyone. Thais finally tells her father that she and Patrick are getting married, and he says, “Hmm.”

    Meanwhile, Kara worries that Guillermo may stand her up on their wedding day, Jibri’s parents give he and Miona an eviction date, Shaeeda says she’s prepared to walk away from Bilal, and Mohamed sure looks like he’s about to go back to Egypt. My goodness! Can next Sunday get here fast enough?

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