‘Evil’: Andrea Martin Says Demons Are ‘Feeling Threatened’ by Sister Andrea

    When it comes to Sister Andrea (Andrea Martin) and demons facing off on Evil, our money is on the nun. And it sounds like we’ll find out if that’s the right call as Season 3 continues.

    Sister Andrea successfully beat Leland Townsend’s (Michael Emerson) attempt to have the church force her into early retirement, and while their fight is not over, “his story evolves into something apart from the Sister, which obviously will affect her if there’s another season and if I’m on it, but there’s not the confrontation that we had last year where I have the knife or where I put the ammonia on him,” Martin told TV Insider (prior to the Season 4 renewal). “It’s much more cerebral this year. Many of the confrontations I have this year are actually with demons and they’re dangerous and it’s visceral and very exciting to watch.”

    Andrea Martin as Sister Andrea and Martin Matulis as George in Evil

    Elizabeth Fisher/Paramount+

    Speaking of Sister Andrea and demons, the latest episode, “The Angel of Warning,” ended with her seeing George (Martin Matulis) perched in her room. To Martin, that “means these demons are feeling threatened actually, so they’re encroaching on her much more. You see visuals much more. She never cowers, right? Here’s a demon attacking her and she’s fighting back. You’re seeing her backbone, and I think that they’re setting it up that she’s kind of impenetrable. There seems to be a swarm of demons actually much more than last year. It’s like cockroaches. You spray them and they all come out.”

    That demon showed up following one of Sister Andrea and David’s (Mike Colter) conversations, and the recently ordained priest admitted to her that he’s having doubts about whether his visions are really from God. “They are,” she assured him, and if they changed, God was responsible. “Your doubt makes your faith stronger,” she added.

    Sister Andrea “still believes in [David], but I think he’s walking a precarious line, because he is being swayed by carnal desire, although she understands it,” Martin said. “I think she knows there are very few people who have the kind of talent he has as a priest to spread the word of goodness and to combat evil and she doesn’t want to lose him. So I think she’ll be patient, and I think she loves him also. I think she really cares deeply for him, so it’s a great dynamic they’ve set up.”

    And to her, it’s not a surprise that he’s “questioning” things. “Look at him, he’s a handsome, virile guy who’s not dead sexually,” added Martin. “It’s a big challenge. And I love the fact she can talk to him about that. She’s not embarrassed. She’s not intimidated by even talking about sex with someone. It makes her so dynamic.”

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