‘Roswell, New Mexico’: Lily Cowles on Isobel & Kyle’s Big Moment

    [Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Roswell, New Mexico Season 4 Episode 5 “You Get What You Give.”]

    It was only a matter of time before something happened between Isobel (Lily Cowles) and Kyle (Michael Trevino), given their chemistry. And in the latest episode of Roswell, New Mexico, something did.

    Following a painful end to her relationship with Anatsa (Sibongile Mlambo), Isobel followed Kyle to Mexico as everyone continues to investigate the new aliens. There, they not only found a lead (they’re on track to find Shiri Appleby’s Allie!) but also share a dance that leads to a kiss!

    Cowles breaks down that big moment and teases what’s ahead, including how the series will end for Isobel.

    Let’s talk about that kiss. There are moments leading up to it in previous episodes, yes, but just in this episode — there’s his reaction to her hand on his shoulder, then the dance. How does Isobel feel about Kyle?

    Lily Cowles: For a very long time, I think Isobel has had such deep affection and love for Kyle, and I think it’s one of these things that may have almost crept up on her and is like hiding in plain sight, this person who has been right in front of her all along that she didn’t really see in that way. I think that there’s a deep connection that the two of them shared from back in Season 1, when Kyle helped save her life — she was dying and they were in the hospital together. Kyle saw this very stripped-down version of Isobel and I think that started this feeling of familiarity and trust. I don’t think Isobel can trust a lot of people. I think she has some major trust issues, to say the least, and Kyle is one of the very few people she feels she can really trust.

    So having that sense of security, I’m sure there’s a part of her that was nervous to ruin that, to jeopardize it. Maybe some part of her blocked out — look at the man, he’s so handsome, and clearly they’ve got a little chemistry, they had that at Planet 7, they were dancing. We saw that back in the day there were some little sparks between them. Then it kind of got put on the backburner and Isobel fell in love with Anatsa, which was a beautiful relationship and in many ways, I mourn that relationship because I think they were a really good pair, too.

    But I think Isobel was probably trying to keep Kyle out of her line of vision in terms of being a romantic partner because she wanted to be able to preserve that very rare friendship and trust that she had. But I think the nature of chemistry is it’s got a life of its own and you get them in a room and she puts her hand on that shoulder and it’s like, you can’t control it sometimes. It’s got its own kind of force, and I think there is a really intense force between the two of them. It was only a matter of time. Then hearing him say all these things, like “you’re beautiful” and things that just moved her deeply, she couldn’t resist anymore. I’m interested to see what happens after this kiss, aren’t you?

    Sibongile Mlambo as Anatsa, Lily Cowles as Isobel, and Michael Trevino as Kyle in Roswell, New Mexico

    Michael Moriatis/The CW

    Yes! So what can you say about what’s next? A kiss is one thing, but is she ready for a relationship with him?

    Right. Isobel has definitely been very messy in all of her relationships, and I think that’s been sometime that has probably held her back from wanting to get involved in Kyle, like I said. There’s probably a nervousness she doesn’t want to jeopardize something that’s so meaningful to her. But again, there’s a force of will, there’s a force behind the relationship, behind the chemistry and what they’ve got, and I think there will be probably a little bit of an internal battle with her, especially knowing that she just got of this relationship with this person she loved and she was very wounded in that by not being able to open up to her.

    I think Isobel still has some healing to do. I don’t think she’s ready to jump into a relationship. I think she’s aware of that. But what happens when you connect with somebody and you’re like, oh gosh, practically this is not good but everything else in it feels so right? So there’s that tension I think we’re going to play with in the next couple episodes.

    It seems like one of Isobel and Kyle’s next moves could be to track down Allie. Is there anything you can say about that and potentially seeing you and Shiri on screen together?

    What a dream. Shiri’s absolutely incredible. And how cool that we get to use her in this show as a character? It’s been so much fun. I will say Isobel and Kyle make a really great team, and whatever they wind up taking on together, I think they will have success and it’s a matter of the two of them finding a way they can work together on the adventures to come.

    Michael Trevino as Kyle, Lily Cowles as Isobel Evans in Roswell, New Mexico

    John Golden Britt / The CW

    Are there more surgeries in their future?

    God help us. I can’t imagine Isobel is actually that great at surgery, but who knows? Maybe she might get into it. I know she thinks she looks cute in scrubs.

    Michael (Michael Vlamis) collapsing at the end of the episode seems like an all hands on deck situation, especially when it comes to bringing in a doctor who knows the truth, like Kyle. So will he and Isobel be returning to help?

    They’ve got some pressing issues they’re going to have to take care of, and I think at a certain point, it’s a divide and conquer situation with all of the urgent matters that are going on. Isobel and Kyle are discovering all this information on the backstory that’s helping illuminate what we’re encountering here in Mexico, so I think they have to see through the end of this. But of course Michael will be in very good hands with Liz [Jeanine Mason] being there and I’m sure Kyle will jump right back to help him. God bless, we can’t lose Michael Guerin!

    How’s Isobel feeling about herself? She’s opening herself up, but there’s the matter of the other aliens and that hologram of Oasis…

    It’s making her really look at herself and why am I here and what can I do and how can I use everything I’ve learned about myself and gained? She’s been working on her powers and she’s been training to become stronger. So I think she’s probably wondering at this point, what’s my role going to be in all of this and how can I be of service to protect the people I love? I’m sure it’s going to get complicated because the fact of the matter is these people who are coming from another planet may have more back history on Isobel than she realizes. She might be learning things about herself that are going to really surprise and call for her to have to pivot in certain ways. This season is going to see Isobel having to confront some things that she did not expect to ever have to look at and keep figuring out how to adapt to these new realities, the new truths we’re going to learn from these people who come from the place where she’s originally from.

    Lily Cowles as Isobel in Roswell, New Mexico

    John Golden Britt/The CW

    What can you say about Isobel’s ending?

    Honestly, the writers have done an incredible job. The end of this season feels so powerful and I’m really excited where Isobel gets to. I reflect back on her journey through the four seasons and I look at where things end for her, and I’m so happy for her. Isobel has gone on a journey of self-discovery and expansion and finding her own truth and I really think that we honor that journey. By the end, I think we see Isobel in a really beautiful place and I’m so proud to have been able to be part of telling that story.

    Will we be getting more Isobel, Maria (Heather Hemmens), and Liz scenes? I love those.

    I love them, too, and also I just love those actresses. They’re so close to me so when we are on set doing these scenes, we have so much fun. Yeah, we definitely will get a lot of the female friendships and the female teamwork, which I love, and every time these girls team up, it feels like it’s such a powerful and great mix, so definitely can look forward to some more of that for sure.

    And Isobel and Rosa (Amber Midthunder)?

    Rosa and Isobel have such an incredible relationship, and I think they’ve learned so much from each other and they continue to teach and learn. I love this dynamic because they take turns being a teacher and a mentor and a student. I think that love will always be so strong and deep. We’ll get to see a little bit of that play out as the season unfolds, too.

    Roswell, New Mexico, Mondays, 8/7c, The CW

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