‘American Ninja Warrior’ Sneak Peek: Who Will Win — a Veteran or Teen? (VIDEO)

    American Ninja Warrior Season 14 is coming to a climax — semifinals begin Monday, July 18! — and the question on everyone’s mind is simple: Will a vet or teen win it all this year? TV Insider has an exclusive first look at the hosts and competitors offering up their opinions.

    Following what host Matt Iseman calls Season 13’s “teenage invasion,” the younger competitors are back. And, if you ask host Akbar Gbajabiamila, “the greatest thing that the teens brought to Ninja Warrior last year was competitive edge. They really kind of helped raise the game and elevate the game.”

    Turning to the ninjas themselves, teen Josiah Pippel says, “the vets are trying to hold their ground and the teens are trying to prove themselves.” Along with proving themselves, these teens are starting out in a world that the vets are quite familiar with. As Jesse Labreck points out, “if a vet won Season 14, I think it’s going to be because of the experience, coming down to doing these obstacles before, being here before.”

    According to veteran Joe Moravsky, “A veteran has to win Season 14. Everyone’s rooting for us!” But if you ask teen Kaden Lebsack, a teen will win “because of how hard everybody trains.” Watch the video above for more from the ninjas and about the rivalry.

    Semifinals begin in Los Angeles in the July 18 episode. The competing ninjas will face up to 10 challenging obstacles, including, for the first time, Kaleidoscope, Ghost Town and Spin Zone. The two fastest ninjas will then face off on the Power Tower for a Safety Pass going into the National Finals.

    American Ninja Warrior, Mondays, 8/7c, NBC

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