10 Most Popular Comic Book-to-TV Adaptations

    Comic books and graphic novels are ripe for TV adaptations. They’re serialized, with dozens or even hundreds of issues of storyline to cover. They have legions of fans, providing a baked-in audience for any new take on the IP. And they practically serve as storyboards for any screen translation.

    But which comic-to-TV adaptations are most popular around the world? New research by AskGamblers analyzed more than 40 TV shows’ global Google search volume to find out.

    And as you might expect, superpowered characters dominated the ranking. “Only The Walking Dead and Riverdale stray away from the superhero theme in this list,” an AskGamblers spokesperson said. “And with the likes of Invincible, The Boys, and Moon Knight taking the limelight when it comes to the genre at the moment, Lucifer is still a clear king, despite its cancellation in 2021.”

    Scroll down to see the Top 10.

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