‘American Horror Stories’ Episode We’re Most Looking Forward to in Season 2

    There is so much secrecy surrounding this one, it’s scary!

    Spun off from FX’s award-winning American Horror Story, Season 2 of the FX on Hulu anthology American Horror Stories unveils eight creepy, stand-alone episodes in series cocreator Ryan Murphy’s macabre franchise where you go in blind — and then get blindsided!

    American Horror Stories Season 2 Key Art

    (Credit: FX)

    Expect several O.G. AHS alums to appear. Denis O’Hare (“Murder House” and “Roanoke”) is slated for the opening hour, “Dollhouse,” while Episode 3’s “Aura” is alleged to feature “Coven” standout Gabourey Sidibe (above center, with Jamie Brewer and Taissa Farmiga).

    But it’s Episode 5’s “Bloody Mary” that we’re most psyched for. Talk about one horror story we’ve been dying for AHS to take a whack at.

    American Horror Stories, Season 2 Premiere, Thursday, July 21, Hulu

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