Ranking ‘Sex Lives of College Girls,’ ‘Never Have I Ever’ & More Mindy Kaling Shows

    There are so many comedies out there right now, but one person who has continuously been on top of the game is Mindy Kaling. The start of her prolific career was as iconic as they come. After officially being introduced to her on The Office — as a star, writer, and executive producer — she has surpassed all expectations. (And we keep remembering her time on The Office, given she collaborates with people she’s worked with before, like B.J. Novak.)

    She is one of the best comedy writers, and every show she has created so far has been a hit. Although all of them are within the realm of comedy, she has proven that she is a jack of all trades. Kaling’s work includes a teen show, one set in college, a retelling of an iconic movie, and adult contemporary magic.

    Scroll down for a ranking of the TV shows Kaling’s created, including The Sex Lives of College Girls and The Mindy Project.

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