’90 Day Fiancé’: Jibri and Miona Get Their Walking Papers (RECAP)

    [Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for 90 Day Fiancé Season 9 Episode 14 “Temperature Check.”]

    Once you start watching 90 Day Fiancé, it’s easy to get really invested in what is going to happen with each couple. Each has just three months to decide whether they’ll get married or if one partner will have to leave the United States for a home country that’s typically very far away.

    We are 14 episodes deep now in Season 9, and most of the couples still don’t have a solid idea of what they’re going to do with the remaining time that they have. Seriously? Let’s check in with our seven couples and see what all the hullabaloo is about.

    Jibri and Miona

    Jibri’s parents, Mahala and Brian, sit he and Miona down to tell them that they need to firm up their plans for when they’re going to get their own place.

    “So you’re kicking us out?” he asks. They counter that the timeline all along was for them to find a new place to live after a few months and before the end of the year.

    Brian needles Jibri to get him to admit that, with 15 days to wed, he and Miona still don’t know when or where they are going to get married.

    “My parents are on some bulls–t,” Jibri says in an interview.

    He tells his parents that this feels like a slap in the face, and they say it isn’t because he’s had months to plan everything. Some help would have been nice, he adds. They remind him that he is 28-years-old.

    “I feel like I’m 15 again,” he tells them.

    “I feel like you’re being 15 again, too,” Brian says.

    Jibri says that they’ll be out sooner than the end of the month and gets up to leave the room. Miona is silent. Brian says, “If you ever want to ask either one of us for help, feel free.”

    “Yeah, right, okay,” Jibri says from the stairs.

    “That was directed at Miona!” Brian fires back.

    Whew, it’s getting hot in here.

    Emily and Kobe


    With six days to go before they get married, Kobe is excited that three friends who live in Ohio will serve as his groomsmen. His best man, a fellow Cameroonian named Temperature, arrives early, and Kobe is happy to see his first friend in two months.

    As soon as he gets to Temperature’s hotel room, Kobe confesses that Emily is pregnant for the second time, which is news that Emily wants to keep secret from everyone. Temperature is concerned that Emily is making all of the decisions in the family, which is not the African way, and tells Kobe he’ll be “signing his death warrant” if he lets this dynamic continue.

    The next day, Temperature joins Kobe and Emily’s family for lunch at a restaurant. Temperature lets Emily know that African men expect a lot of respect and to be on top in a relationship, and poses a shocking question: “You know he’s from a royal family, right?”

    “No?” she replies.

    Well, as it turns out, there are hundreds of Cameroonian tribes with leaders that are seen as royal family members, and while Kobe’s father is a descendant of royalty, that hasn’t translated to any wealth for Kobe. Temperature argues with Emily’s sister, Madeline, and warns Emily that men are the boss and she’s not going to enjoy the same power once she’s married.

    Patrick and Thais


    T-Minus 28 days for Patrick and Thais, and she’s finally going to FaceTime her father, Carlos Roberto, and tell him that they’re getting married. At first, they make the call together, but Patrick quickly leaves to give them privacy once he sees her father’s stone faced reaction.

    Dad keeps it even more real after Patrick is gone, telling her, “I think you should come back to Brazil.” He doesn’t understand why it’s happening so quickly and he assumes that Patrick just wants to take advantage of her.

    “You will fall on your face,” he says, adding that it’s easy to get married and much harder to get divorced.

    Patrick texts his brother, John, and asks him to come to the garage while he’s nervously waiting. He can kind of hear what Thais is saying, but he can’t hear her father. Either way, he knows it isn’t going well.

    Thais says in an interview that part of her wants to go home as soon as possible, but she really doesn’t know what to do. She tells Patrick that she misses her life in Brazil and that it’s difficult. He says it’ll be over if she goes to Brazil and decides that she doesn’t want to come back to Dallas, but that he’ll do anything to be with her.

    Yve and Mohamed

    There are 38 days left in Yve and Mohamed’s incredibly painful to watch journey to the altar (or back to Egypt for Mohamed, as he keeps threatening), and the pair go to a cafe. She asks him if she can invite her friends over for a cleansing fire ceremony, which is something they like to do together, and Mohamed tells her that he’s uncomfortable around her squad. She says he should be more open.

    “I am open about not liking them,” he retorts.

    She shares that their healing ceremonies are like her religion, and he should want to check it out because she visited a mosque for him.

    “It sounds crazy to me,” he says.

    When the squad comes over that night, it’s even more awkward than it needs to be, and Yve’s hope for a fresh start and a bonding moment go out the window. Yve’s friend Tatiana says to Mohamed that she’s happy he’s there and she wasn’t sure that he wanted to see them again.

    “Yeah, that’s right,” he confirms.

    He doesn’t understand why Yve and her friends make wishes in the fire. “I’m not okay with Yve’s beliefs,” he asserts. “If we wish for something, why don’t we ask God?”

    Ariela and Biniyam


    Ari and Bini have 20 days to get married. She is trying on dresses, but wonders in an interview if they’re just going through the motions and if they’ll really get married.

    Flash forward to seven days left and Bini is using a sewing machine to make wedding pants for their son, Avi. We knew that Bini is multitalented, but didn’t know he had such skills. Ari melts when she sees father and son interacting and Avi trying on the pants — cut to the interview, where she says that Bini is a great father and she really wants to keep the family together. In the sweetest moment, Avi brings his parents’ heads together for a kiss.

    Bilal and Shaeeda

    There are 20 days left on the clock for Bilal and Shaeeda, and if you’ve been watching even a little bit this season, you’ll probably know that they’re still talking about a prenuptial agreement much more than an actual wedding. Shaeeda asks Bilal to go to a cafe so they can talk without his two kids overhearing.

    Shaeeda explains to Bilal that she had a fairytale love story in her head when she first got to the United States.

    “That never exists,” he tells her, stone faced.

    Shaeeda lets him know that she asked a lawyer who is a family friend back in Trinidad and Tobago to read over the prenup and was told that it 100% favors Bilal. She still wants there to be a clause that they need to have kids before she is 40. She also wants Bilal to help her open a yoga studio, but she wants to own it outright. Bilal has concerns about the value that he would be expected to add to her business, but tells her that he’ll consider it.

    Kara and Guillermo


    With one day to go before their wedding, Guillermo once again tells Kara that he has concerns about how their relationship will progress, but she says this is not a good time to talk about it. He FaceTimes with his mom to confess his insecurities and ask for advice. She says to talk to Kara now, and again after they get married. In a later interview, Guillermo says his conversation with his mom puts him in the “marrying mood.”

    Later, Kara banishes Guillermo to stay away from the bachelorette gathering she has planned at the house. He assures her that he will show up to the wedding tomorrow and asks her not to drink much tonight. We then see her friends filing in with at least a bottle apiece.

    Kara tells her pals that she almost felt like she was going to be stood up at the altar. Her friend Richard says that better not happen, because he has already taken off from work.

    Next Time

    Jibri and Miona move out of his parents’ house, Shaeeda meets with Bilal’s mom and Mohamed FaceTimes his mother in Egypt to discuss the cultural differences he has with Yve.

    Meanwhile, Emily is upset that Kobe told Temperature that she’s pregnant again. Guillermo waits for Kara at the altar and Thais’ bags are not only packed, she’s on a plane, as a voiceover reveals that she doesn’t know if she’ll return to Dallas.

    Throughout all of the uncertainty, we’re still rooting for love — see you next week!

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